Ariana Greenblatt Says The Desks During Her ‘HSM’ Performance Were An Obstacle on ‘DWTS Juniors’ (Exclusive)

Ariana Greenblatt is back with another blog all about her experience on Dancing With the Stars Juniors.

The 11-year-old actress and partner Artyon Celestine performed not just one, but TWO dances on the show and they both were amazing! You can check them both out HERE and HERE.

Check out her exclusive behind-the-scenes blog below!

Wow, you can’t say you saw that coming, right?! I mean it was like a twist out of The Hunger Games! No one got eliminated and the final four will be in the finals! It was really shocking and surprising and I was SO happy for everyone. No one wants to be the one team that came up a little short to miss the finals after all these weeks of hard work. Also, never has DWTS ever done team duos which was another fun surprise. America really wanted to see Sky and I team up so that’s what we gave them! It was such a busy week. We didn’t have much time to learn the routines because we also had our individual team dance to get down as well as the opening number.

Artyon and I just really stayed focused on the prize and doubled down our work to get all the dances down. The rehearsal room without all the other teams has this weirdness to it. The halls are less full, the rooms are quieter and the pressure is definitely there. The desks were really giving us a hard time during our rehearsal and camera blocking for our High School Musical Foxtrot. Right up to the last minute I wasn’t sure how much trouble those props were going to give us! The way we were using them in rehearsals just didn’t work or look good in the final camera blocking so last minute changes had to be made. Arty and I just looked at each other, shrugged it off and concentrated on us but it was definitely in the back of our minds.

On show night the atmosphere was electric and it was so awesome to see so many of the previous teams in the audience and backstage. We’re all very close after so many weeks together and when one of us gets eliminated it’s really tough. It’s so comforting to see each other before show time and get little pep talks of encouragement. I remember Kenzie coming up to me in the makeup room before the show and telling me “You got this!” I can’t believe we are all in the finals together. It’s been an incredible journey and something I will never forget no matter the outcome. We all have pushed ourselves so much to be here in the finals of season 1 of Dancing with the Stars: Juniors.

Fun Fact: I was so happy and excited to have my cousins Charlie and Harrison along with my Aunt Leni fly in from Miami to support me during these final weeks. It meant a lot to me to have so much of my big family there in the crowd.

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