Ariana Grande Reacts to Accusations of Misconduct Against Celebrity Photographer Marcus Hyde

Celebrity photographer Marcus Hyde is accused of refusing to shoot a model for free unless she sent him nude pictures.

The 33-year-old photographer, who works with Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian, faced backlash on Monday (July 22) after screenshots surfaced which seemingly show him initially agreeing to shoot model Sunnaya Nash for free, until she refused to send those pictures.

That same day, Ariana addressed the situation on her Instagram Stories.

“Dear models/artists in LA / anywhere. I have just read some shocking and really heartbreaking stories. i hate that this is a conversation. please do not shoot with photographers who make you uncomfortable or make you feel like you need to take your clothing off if you don’t want to,” she wrote.

“If you want to, sick. but if you don’t, please don’t. if they tell you you have to pay more money if you’re clothed that’s f–ked and i’m sorry that has happened to you. i promise there are so many respectful, nice, talented photographers out there.”

“I am sorry that this was anybody’s experience and know that it doesn’t have to be,” she added, while also giving love to three other photographers: Alfredo Flores, Ricky Alvarez and Stefan Kohli.

“Love working with you guys so much,” she wrote.

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