Annnnd Now the 'James Bond' Premiere Is Causing Potential Royal Drama

Bet you didn’t expect the new James Bond movie to be a source of drama in the royal family, but apparently here we are. According to sources who spoke to The Express, No Time To Die producers want Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to make an appearance at the Los Angeles premiere of the film, which—barring coronavirus concerns—is slated for November. Sounds great, but here’s the thing: Prince William and Kate Middleton might be attending the London premiere a week before.

This seems like literally no big deal (can’t they just go to the movies in peace??!?!) but apparently it could create a potential conflict of schedules. “For the Hollywood premiere they have signalled they want Harry and Meghan as guests of honour,” a source said. “It poses an interesting question over whether William and Kate will attend the London premiere.”

The royals have a history with the Bond franchise, and most recently Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate Middleton showed up to the premiere of Spectre in 2015. Honestly, if it’s safe to travel, it’d be pretty iconic for the ~fab four~ to show up to the No Time to Die premieres together—and might finnnnnnnnally put these tired feud rumors to bed.

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