Anna Duggar to God: Please Help Donald Trump Win!

Anna Duggar would like a word or two with The Man Upstairs.

The mother of six, who has likely asked God on numerous occasions why He stuck her with a man such as Josh Duggar, shared just one emoji on Twitter yesterday.

But it has set off quite a few reactions across social media.

On Wednesday evening, amid a great deal of chaos and confusion in regard to the ongoing Presidential election, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany offered up an idea online.

“Who would want to join a LIVE prayer group tomorrow?” she asked.

We can only assume McEnany asked this question because she wanted to get a contingent of voters together to see if they could push her boss through the finish line.

She wanted to harness the power of prayer to assist Donald Trump — and Anna was down with the idea.

As you can see above, the 32-year old retweeted the post and simply added an emoji of a woman raising her hand.

Why would God be pulling for an alleged sex offender who has cheated on his wife and who dislikes minorities? That’s a good question.

But it’s not even the one most critics are focusing on in response to Duggar’s retweet.

They’re more curious why Anna Duggar would support Donald Trump.

Operating under the assumption that Anna voted for President Trump to be re-elected instead of Democratic candidate Joe Biden, one person wrote:

“For Joe Biden yes. Our new president. Thank God he’s our new president.

“This country can’t take another 4 years of tRump. Cmon Anna. Wake up.”

Another person added: “Are you going to be praying for Trumps salvation? Or for him to win?”

Then there was this plea for Duggar:

“Please address how you determined that Trump was the lesser of two evils being ‘prolife’ when it is common knowledge that the treatment he received for corona virus was created and tested using cells known to come from an aborted fetus (yes aborted in 1970’s but aborted nonetheless.”

Yes, this person got deep and did her research.

She actually appealed to Anna’s anti-abortion values.

We don’t know for sure that Anna cast her ballot for Trump, of course. It’s just a VERY safe assumption.

She previously encouraged voting as she posted a selfie with Josh on Tuesday, snapped after they went to the polls, which she captioned:

“Better late than never! If you haven’t voted yet…

“Vote NOW while the polls are still open! littleduggars #vote #electionday #2020 #2020vision.”

It’s been quite a few days in the political realm for members of this family.

Jed Duggar lost in his bid for a seat in the Arkansas State House.

Jill Duggar, meanwhile, also told people to get out and vote — while kind of implying she went for Biden.

Again, we can’t say for certain, though.

We do know, however, that Jim Bob Duggar told cops in 2002 that his son, Josh, had fondled the breasts and genitals of several young women while they were asleep in the Duggar family home.

Two of these victims were Josh’s sisters.

Later, Josh confessed to these heinous actions and also to cheating many times on Anna.

He’s an awful human being, which, we suppose, may explain why Anna is also drawn to Donald Trump. The poor woman.

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