Amber Heard Apologized To Johnny Depp A Year After First Abuse Claim – Read The Texts!

Well, this is unexpected.

Most of the inside looks we’ve gotten at Johnny Depp and Amber Heard‘s relationship amid their ongoing legal battle have been screaming matches and accusations or admissions of violence. This is a rare post-divorce olive branch, and we are genuinely surprised to see it!

The pre-recorded deposition of Christian Carino, the CAA agent who used to rep both Johnny and Amber, was played on Wednesday, and as part of the candor he revealed text messages the latter had sent him a year after she filed for divorce.

Carino explained he was something of a confidant for the All The Boys Love Mandy Lane actress in those days, a position that led him to be something of a go-between for the exes.

One message Amber wrote to him in August 2017 was an apparent expression meant to make its way to Johnny. She wrote:

“I’ve written so many notes. Can you give him one? I don’t know how or where to start. There’s no way to begin and all I have to say, but I have so many.”

This was apparently just after Amber had broken up with Elon Musk. She continued:

“Finally I am single, clear in my heart and mind. I just want him to know I love him and that I am sorry.”

She was “sorry”?! Wow! That’s about the last thing we expected her to say to her ex at that point. Was she just sending a general apology? Was she saying “sorry” for something in particular?

She had already publicly accused him a year earlier of hitting her in the face with a thrown iPhone in a fight. The more disturbing allegations of abuse would come later, mostly in the Washington Post op-ed that is the center of this whole trial.

That wasn’t the only text in which Amber showed regret about how the relationship ended. She wrote in September 2017, “God I miss him,” and in June 2018 told Carino:

“I text him happy birthday.”

Carino testified he even thought for a while that he personally “believed” Amber was trying to reconcile with Johnny in late 2017. Wow! Can you imagine??

We want to be clear that even if Amber was trying to get back together with Johnny, it doesn’t prove she was lying about the domestic violence. Abuse victims don’t always want out of their unhealthy relationships. If they did get out right away, it would solve a lot of problems. But it’s yet another bit of insight into what was really going on with Amber and Johnny in those years. All the jury can do is look at every bit of evidence and try to decide for themselves. Frankly, it’s all we can do, too.

Does this change how YOU look at the couple post-divorce??

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