Amanda Owen detailed reason behind lack of romance with husband Clive before ‘rocky patch’

Our Yorkshire Farm: Amanda Owen gives responsibilities to daughter

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Amanda Owen, 47, and her husband of 21 years Clive Owen, 66, released a joint statement last week saying “like any marriage, we have our stresses and strains”, but added they always wanted to “show the reality of life on the farm” through their TV shows and book deals. However, speaking in an interview before the revelation about their “rocky patch”, Amanda spoke candidly on how “romance” is not in her and Clive’s “make-up” as a couple.

When asked if she and her husband are romantic, the shepherdess said: “I don’t think either of us are! I don’t think it’s in our make-up.”

She went on to reveal what she believes to be the secret behind her 21-year marriage. 

“Everything we do is interchangeable,” she said. 

“Clive will serve afternoon tea and change nappies, I’ll shear sheep and shovel s**t. It doesn’t matter who does what, we’re all on the same side.”

Amanda praised Clive for being a “hands-on dad”, adding to OK! Magazine that “at certain times of year”, it’s all hands on deck and all tasks on the farm are interchangeable.

“There’s no one hat for any one person and I think that’s a great life lesson.”

The mother-of-nine was also quizzed on a comment she had previously made about never saying never to having a tenth child. 

Speaking on whether that’s still the case, she continued: “I don’t know! If anyone knows anything it’s honestly that I have not got a plan. 

“I plan for today and maybe tomorrow and that’s where it stops.

“I think we should all give ourselves a bit of a break when it comes to parenting. As long as the kids are happy, well-fed and washed… that will do.”

Last week, the couple’s neighbours claimed to MailOnline the pair had been living apart for months after she “got caught up in the spotlight” of her Channel 5 programme.  

Amanda reportedly moved into their rental property down the road from Ravenseat Farm in Swaledale, where Clive has been staying in the farmhouse, villagers said.

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The couple, known as the “Kardashians of the Countryside”, are said to be “battling to save their marriage” after more than 21 years.

Clive, who was previously married to another woman for 13 years, is reportedly “desperate” to repair their relationship and “fears” their marriage will end in divorce. 

It was reported they had recently started living apart, but their neighbours claim it was common knowledge months ago. 

In a joint statement given to MailOnline, Amanda and Clive Owen said: “With the TV show and the books we’ve always aimed to show the reality of life on the farm, and just like any marriage we have our stresses and strains, coupled with all the complexities of what we do on the farm and bringing up nine kids.

“We’re a normal family, and we’ve never said our marriage is perfect.”

They added they were going through a “rocky patch” in their marriage. has contacted the couple for comment.

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