Alison Raybould: 5 Things To Know About The Strategic ‘Survivor’ Finalist

As someone who’s well-liked by the other players on ‘Survivor: David vs. Goliath,’ Alison Raybould has established herself as a threat to win. Here’s more to know about her!

Six players are left on Survivor: David vs. Goliath, and that includes Alison Raybould, who has been labeled as a ‘threat’ in the game ahead of the last several votes. Still, Alison has pulled through on recent votes when her name came up, and will go against fellow finalists, Nick Wilson, Davie Rickenbacker, Kara Kay, Angelina Keeley and Mike White, during the show’s Dec. 19 finale. Alison will have to continue to fight against the idea that she’s a ‘threat’ to win the game if she wants to advance to the final tribal council. Here’s more to know about her:

1. She’s extremely well educated. Alison grew up in Kansas, when went on to complete her undergraduate degree at Columbia University in New York. She majored in English at Columbia, while also working as a teaching assistant in a Biology lab. She was on the Dean’s List for all four years of undergrad, and graduated Summa Cum Laude. She then attended the Georgetown University School of Medicine, where she was a member of the Honor Medical Society. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Georgetown.

2. She’s a Chief Resident at the UNC Department of Medicine. After college, Alison chose UNC Chapel Hill to complete her residency. She was a member of the Academy of Educators, the Medicine Education Committee, the Internal Medicine Wellness Committee and the Code Sepsis Physicians Champions, and was active in helping to improve the school’s residency program. She is serving as a Chief Resident at UNC Chapel Hill for 2018-2019, after which she plans to pursue a career in Hematology/Oncology.

3. She was a college athlete. Alison’s high school soccer team was state champion twice while she played. She was also the captain of a club soccer team in Kansas, which won six titles while she was a member of the team. Alison was on the soccer team at Columbia, and played during two matches in 2007, five in 2008 and three in 2009.

4. She’s extremely active. Alison said that one of her favorite hobbies is “working out in any capacity.” She listed swimming, circuit training, running and hiking as her favorite forms of exercise.

5. She became a fan of ‘Survivor’ while completing her residency. Of her decision to audition for a spot on Survivor, Alison said, “I came home from a 30-hour shift and rather than passing out and just going straight to bed, I stayed up and watched an old episode of Survivor. In that moment, when I was sleep deprived and clearly not lucid, I said, ‘I need to dothis.’”

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