Alfonso Ribeiro Is Suing The Creators Of "Fortnite" For Using The Carlton Dance

Y’all I can’t dance for shit, which is why when I was younger and I would see Alfonso Ribeiro do the Carlton Dance on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air I would feel better about my lack of rhythm. Little did I know that all the while he was dancing his way to a trademark because now, with the knowledge that Epic Games has been using his signature dance as a downloadable ’emote’ for their hit game Fortnite Alfonso is ready to sue them for copying his moves to make money.

I’m not 100% sure how legal this is because Alfonso ain’t exactly Debbie Allen choreographing the Oscars with that nut ass dance. It doesn’t take that much skill to wildly flail your arms about like you’re trying to be fancy while swatting away bees. But Alfonso, who is currently in process of copyrighting the dance, is ready to sue a bitch for every penny he can squeeze out. The Blast reports that Alfonso is not here for any games and is chasing that check.

“The reaction from many players worldwide was immediate recognition of the emote as embodying The Dance and, in turn, Ribeiro,” the lawsuit claims. “Indeed, by naming the emote ‘Fresh,’ Epic intentionally induced a direct connection between the in-game purchase and the show where The Dance started, ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.’ That connection implied an endorsement of that in-game purchase by Ribeiro.”

It isn’t uncommon for Fortnite to incorporate popular dances into their game like the Milly Rock and Snoop Dogg’s dance from the ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot‘ video. The Backpack Kid is also suing Fortnite for using the Floss Dance. Here’s what the Carlton Dance looks like in Fortnite:

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