Alexander Armstrong: ‘Never been less convinced’ Pointless host reacts to viewer’s snaps

On an recent episode of BBC’s Pointless, Alexander Armstrong, 49, asked contestant Ellie about her current employment.

She replied: “Well, I’m a lady of leisure.”

“That’s a good thing to be,” he responded.

Ellie continued: “It’s a wonderful thing to be. I highly recommend it.”

Very interesting

Alexander Armstrong

Alexander went on: “What do you do with your leisure?”

The Pointless hopeful replied: “I’m a full time mum to my dog Ronnie. I’m into all things spiritual so I like psychics and stuff like that.”

“Ah, very interesting,” Alexander said.

One viewer watching the episode unfold at home took to Twitter to comment on Alexander’s reaction to her hobbies.

The user uploaded a series of shots of him appearing “uninterested”.

They said beside the images: “I’ve never been less convinced that @XanderArmstrong was interested in a contestant’s hobbies.”

Alexander seemingly agreed with their point of view as he liked the tweet.

Below her own post, the user said: “Haha, I lost interest as soon as she said she was mum to a dog.

“Then the psychic thing apparently tipped Xander over the edge.”

On Pointless yesterday, Alexander shared a story about a wine-tasting trip whilst chatting to contestant Sahar.

After finding out they have the pastime in common, Alexander spilled: “It’s quite fun, wine-tasting.”

The host then went on to explain how his notes end up becoming very messy during a wine-tasting trip.

“I occasionally find bits of paper where I’ve been to wine-tastings, and the first block of wines, very very erudite notes I seem to have taken,” he said.

“I’ve written down almost exactly what I was told to write down.”

“And then by the end, it’s just a mess,” Alexander joked.

Pointless airs weekdays on BBC One at 5.15pm.

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