Actor Bryce Durfee Saving Stranded Neighbors After SoCal Blizzard

Actor Bryce Durfee has become a bit of a SoCal Superman … because we’ve learned he’s been rescuing families that would otherwise be stranded during the recent blizzard.

The “Hacks” and “9-1-1” actor and his wife Amber were just a couple of the many stuck in the Lake Arrowhead area as it got hit with a ton of snow this week. Amber and some of the neighbors tell us Bryce has been spending time saving others in the area.

We’re told he’s been removing the snow surrounding people’s homes with just a shovel — pretty impressive. He’s done four rescue missions so far … one of which was for a group of kids who got stuck in their house after it was completely buried.

On top of that, Bryce has been clearing the snow from gas lines and roofs to prevent fires and structures from collapsing.

Bryce has even been acting as the community’s InstaCart shopper … getting groceries for those who can’t leave their homes. He did a huge run Thursday that fed five families, even getting dog food for his neighbors’ pets.

As you know, SoCal was hit pretty hard with flooding and snow, causing quite a bit of destruction. Police and emergency rescue folks weren’t able to help Bryce’s community for a while because of a lack of access. The National Guard just showed up Thursday.

Way to go, Bryce!

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