37 Celebs Answer the Hardest Question of All: What Makes a Man Sexy?

“Being someone who’s vital, verbal, terrifically alive, fearless, who takes chances and treats me like a woman, not like some famous thing.”

“The old standard qualities—humor, intelligence, sensitivity. I tend to be attracted to talented people. But truly, I don’t know anything about men.”

“The way things are now, especially for a career woman, often makes you feel you’re leading the life of a man. This underscores a woman’s need to feel feminine, to be flirted with, to feel cared for and taken care of. A man who understands and fills this need and likes women and treats them well is almost certainly sexy.”

“Robert Wagner, whom I’ve known for years, is the epitome of the sexy man. In addition to being utterly charming, he is handsome, elegant, always beautifully dressed, and has manners to match.”

“I’ve always been fascinated by tall, skinny men with no big muscles and no hair on their chests. Like my husband, Carl Dean. I like to see him in those sexy little see-through mesh underpants. The first time I gave him a pair, he flatly refused to wear ’em. But when he saw my feelings were hurt, he put them on. Now that was sexy.”

“A brilliant, inquiring mind. The most intriguing man of all is someone who’s insatiably curious and takes enormous pleasure in knowledge. This makes for happiness in a person—and a happy man is a pleasure to be with.”

“I’ve been married to a man seventeen years older [actor Peter Sellers] and now to one eighteen years younger [rock drummer Jim McDonnell]. Younger is much better.”

“A man who has peace within himself and is very, very centered has the greatest attraction for me.”

“The sexiest man to me is romantic, a giver who’s sweet to me, who sends me flowers. I also like a guy who’s got more on his mind than whether he’s wearing the right silk shirt or the latest Gucci socks. So I tend to prefer older guys who are strong, who have already gone through a lot of changes and know what they want in life and have some idea of what a woman is and aren’t just trying to make it with every cute rear that walks by in the street.”

“Having a great personality and a lively intelligence. Good looks don’t count for nearly as much.”

“A sexy man is gallant, gentle, and tender, someone who makes a woman feel both loved and protected, who has a strength a woman can look up to. My husband, Andre [Weinfeld, a writer-producer], easily fills all those requirements.”

“Being a good hugger. Or a good kisser, like Burt Reynolds. I tell women who have difficulty having an orgasm, ‘Fill your head with fantasies. Think about Burt Reynolds.’”

“Is he a caring man? Does he feel he wants to care for me? Is he someone I can care for? Does he want this from me? The joy of sex doesn’t come so much in the act as it does in the caring.”

“Being sensitive, honest, sincere, with a great, crazy sense of humor. And while I enjoy their company, I’ll never marry a Frenchman. I want someone who’s open to the world he’s living in, not just someone who lives on family tradition.”

“I try to see a man’s soul first. He’s got to be kind and joyful.”

“A fella doesn’t have to be good-looking for me to think he’s sexy. I want to be with someone for what he is inside. And he’s got to be adaptable, someone I can really enjoy having a good time with. If I feel like acting like a fool or a child, I want to do it and I expect him to do it, too. And when it’s time to be serious, then I expect someone to be able to do that also. I seem to find these qualities in most musicians.”

“I don’t care if he’s blond or dark, blue-eyed or brown-eyed, short or tall—just so long as he wears pants and has a great sense of humor.”

“Gorgeous men always put me off. I think in all my life, I’ve only had one or two gorgeous boyfriends. I find creative men far more fascinating.”

“I like ethnic types, which explains why I feel in love with and married a wonderful Jewish man [Michael Tucker, her costar on L.A. Law]. Most women who see Michael feel they’d like to cart him off and marry him.”

“The most desirable man is one who’s willing to share his whole life with a woman who’s equally willing to share her whole life with him.”

“It helps if he’s tall—I’m five foot ten.”

“Being an expert at the art of kissing, which is an art—very few people really know how to kiss—and having clean, wonderful breath. Kissing is almost more fun than anything else. It’s the sexiest part of the whole thing.”

“A truly interesting man is one who is genuine. If I find he has depth, and compassion in his heart, that’s a turn-on for me.”

“Sensitivity, enthusiasm, intelligence, talent, ambition. Anyone who knows my husband [Dr. Harry Glassman] will know I’m describing him.”

“Judging by my track record, I suppose I’d have to say being an actor gives him an advantage. I once had a weakness for Italians who were actors. While they’re wooing you, Italians are fantastic, but they make lousy husbands.”

“Humor seems a winning trait. I think of Henry Kissinger. I liked him from the day we met for his warmth and self-depracating humor. In that first interview, I asked how it felt for an ex-professor to suddenly be thought of as a swinger. I loved his answer. ‘It’s wonderful,’ he said. ‘Now when I bore people, they think it’s their fault.’ Then there was an interview I did with Clint Eastwood where he was very funny and very smart. When I was asking him personal questions, he started to turn the tables and flirt, and I got all flustered. I remember thinking about him and being aware, as I’m not in most interviews, that he has such a flat stomach and such a tight rear end and, gee, isn’t he attractive? And he was just an attractive, appealing man.”

“I don’t mind someone who’s adorable looking, but if there’s nothing inside to support it, I lose interest. The most interesting man is someone who’s interested in the game of life and who knows so completely who he is that he doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone. In other words, I like somebody secure in his loafers. So I’ve never been much attracted to younger men. There’s too much I want to learn—I don’t want to be a teacher to my fella.”

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