25 Tweets About Steve Kornacki That Prove He’s The Real Star Of The 2020 Election

People keeping up with the 2020 election coverage likely know who Steve Kornacki is. But ICYMI, Kornacki is MSNBC’s political correspondent who has been giving daily updates on the vote count. Since Election Day has turned into election week, Kornacki has been working tirelessly to keep people updated, and has become a constant on people’s TV screens. Here are 25 tweets about Steve Kornacki that will bring you so much joy as the stressful election continues.

As he works hard to keep everyone in the know, Kornacki has missed out on sleep. "Forget grabbing sleep, there’s still votes coming in in PA. I’m heading back to the studio. In the old days, there was USA Up All Night. Tonight, it’ll be MSNBC Up All Night. Come on along for the ride," he tweeted on Thursday, Nov. 5. "(I also want to give a **huge** thanks to @AliVelshi, a great broadcaster and a true good guy, who had agreed to spell me for a few hours and whose sleep schedule I have now thoroughly messed up)," he added.

Since Kornacki’s continuous energy discussing the 2020 presidential election has yet to slow down, he’s become a regular topic on Twitter. Kornacki has even earned a hashtag called #TrackingKornacki, because people are calling him the ultimate star of the 2020 election.

Kornacki’s coworker Ali Velshi commented on his energy levels, writing, "My attempt to give @SteveKornacki a break lasted for 10 minutes. I think he went to the bathroom, returned, and told me I’m free to go to sleep. That dude is a machine #Trackingkornaki."

Twitter can’t get enough of his energy:

NBC’s Today hosts even did the math and said Kornacki only got about five hours of sleep between his election week coverage.

Kornacki’s dedication even has Chrissy Teigen concerned, and has inspired her to become one of his biggest fans:

Some people love his coverage so much, they’re calling him a "national treasure."

And he’s earn the nicknames "map daddy" and "chartthrob":

People also noticed his outfit looked a lot like Charlie Kelly’s Pepe Silvia conspiracy theory rant in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia:

It’s hard not to get a bit concerned when Kornacki continuously dropped math numbers on hours of sleep from Tuesday, Nov. 3 to Friday, Nov. 6:

Kornacki is winning the election by proving what a nonstop boss he is, and people are absolutely loving it.

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