’24 Hours To Hell & Back’ Preview: Gordon Ramsay Screams Over Moldy Kitchens & More

’24 Hours To Hell & Back’ is back for a second round! From moldy cheese to a mouse, Gordon Ramsay has his hands full! Watch this EXCLUSIVE preview of season 2!

There are 5 key things you should never find in your kitchen, and HollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE preview of 24 Hours To Hell & Back season 2 that features 5 very nasty things Gordon Ramsay finds in kitchens across the country this season. Brace yourselves, it’s gross AF!

When Gordon yells about “the most disgusting kitchen ever,” you know things are really bad at your restaurant. He yells and throws pieces of meat in a few of the workers’ faces in this EXCLUSIVE preview.   The 5 things you never want Gordon to find in your kitchen include raw pork chop, mystery meat, a mouse in a cup, moldy berries, and rancid cheese sauce.

When Gordon finds the berries, he thought they were covered in snow — but it was mold! When he discovers the rancid and moldy cheese sauce, he yells at the workers and makes them taste it! He can’t believe it when the restaurant staff can’t figure out what kind of meat they have.

24 Hours To Hell & Back season 2 premieres Jan. 2 at 8 p.m. on FOX. In the premiere, Gordon’s Hell on Wheels will heat to New Orleans to revamp the Trolley Stop Cafe. He’ll also be traveling to states like Connecticut, Tennessee, California, and more over the course of the second season. Aarón Sanchez from Masterchef will be joining Gordon this season. Over the course of season 2, Gordon will not only encounter the messiest kitchens yet, there will be a lot of firings of existing staff this season, and restaurant owners and staff won’t be afraid to get an attitude with Gordon. Well, they better get ready to fear the wrath of Gordon! He doesn’t mess around whatsoever.

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