Watch Joanna Czech Share Her Nightly Skin Care Routine

Have you ever admired the seemingly ageless skin of stars like Jennifer Aniston, Kate Winslet, and Cate Blanchett? You can thank Dior’s celebrity facialist Joanna Czech for that.

In our latest episode of Go to Bed with Me, the skin care expert reveals what she uses in her own nightly skin care routine, which varies depending on what her skin needs to stay happy and healthy.

You can shop her routine below (her facial massage roller, however, is sold out).

Shop Joanna’s Routine

“This is tonight’s routine,” she says. “If I feel congested, I would use an oil cleanser. Oil dissolves oil with the super-purifying treatment. If my skin is completely bare throughout the day and I want to basically refresh at nighttime before I go with the following steps, I would use a light foam. If I have makeup, I will use usually a milky or a creamy cleanser.”

For this video, she goes for a creamy cleanser–namely, Biologique Recherche’s Lait U Botanical Cleansing Milk. She follows up that treatment with a toner.

“Very often, toners are considered as a second cleansing step, but that’s really a very first treatment step,” Czech clarifies. “So I recommend washing the face as long as you need to wash it.”

Watch the video above to see how Czech incorporates the rest of her favorite beauty products into her skin care routine.

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