This Toy Story K-Beauty Line Is The Disney Skin Care You Never Knew You Needed

Disney mania is still a thing, and no, it doesn’t matter what age you are. Whether you’re a lover of classic hand-animated films like Beauty & The Beast or are a Pixar lover, there’s likely at least one Disney film you love. Now, there’s an Innisfree x Toy Story line to let you incorporate a little bit of Disney magic into your skin care, and you’re going to love this adorable new line from the K-Beauty brand.

If you aren’t familiar with Innisfree, you should be. For fans of Korean beauty, their products are practically K-beauty staple items. The brand sources its plethora of high quality ingredients from Korea’s Jeju Island. According to the brand, the island has volcanic origins that make it a wealth of incredible ingredients for skin care. The brand uses natural ingredients that are sourced responsibly from the island, and Innisfree supports program and initiatives that support the surrounding eco-system. Plus, the brand is known for fair and affordable pricing.

Now, the brand is taking all of the incredible aspects of who they are and throwing in a dash of nostalgia thanks to their partnership with Disney’s Toy Story. From hand creams to moisturizers, this collection is too cute, but where can you buy it?

Innisfree x Toy Story Collection Green Tea Lightyear Set



The Innisfree x Toy Story Collection is a limited edition set of products only available on the brand’s website. Not only does this mean that you’ll need to shop directly from the brand, but you’ll need to do it pretty quickly given that the items aren’t meant to stick around long.

If you’re already a fan of Innisfree, there’s great news for you. The products featured in the collection aren’t actually nearly formulated options. They’re classics from the brand like their best-selling Green Tea Hydrating Serum and Hydrating Cream, their lip balms, setting powder, and micellar water. The difference? It’s all been adorably packaged in Toy Story characters such as Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jesse, and the aliens.

Innisfree x Toy Story My Makeup Cleanser Micellar Oil Water



Not only are the products from Innisfree made from responsibly sourced, natural ingredients and now combined with one of your childhood favorite films, but it’s also affordable. Innisfree has always made a promise (it’s written right on their website) to provide high quality products at affordable pricing, and that hasn’t changed with the Toy Story Collection.

If you head to the Innisfree website, you’ll find that the Disney-inspired Toy Story items retails for no more than $25. Even if you want the brand’s most expensive Buzz Lightyear or Woody covered product, you won’t be paying more than that. As for the most affordable item, you can snag one of the hand creams for just $5.

Innisfree x Toy Story Sunshine Wildberry Hand Cream



If you want to shop to shop the Innisfree x Toy Story Collection, there’s only one place to do it. Head over to the brand’s website now, but you’ll want to act fast. Not only is this collection limited edition, but with its affordable pricing and adorable packaging, it’s sure to be a hit that may just be gone sooner than you think.

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