The Results Are In: These Were the Best Beauty Products of 2020

The Results Are In: These Were the Best Beauty Products of 2020

You know that popular ice breaker question that asks what you would bring with you to a deserted island? We often think about that when it comes to the beauty products we’ve tried, and in 2020, we landed on the following 89 items. It may sound like a lot, but trust us when we say it’s only a fraction of the new makeup, hair, body, skin-care products we tested this year.

2020 was a year unlike any other but that didn’t stop the beauty industry from rolling out new launches, innovations, and formulations at the same bustling speed as before. As we look back on all of the things we swatched and tested over the last 12 months, it’s clear that — even though we didn’t go anywhere — beauty still had a very important place in our newly adapted stay-at-home routines. We leaned on beauty and the latest products from our favorite brands whenever we were in need of some reprieve, an instant confidence boost, or just something to fill the time during another Friday night indoors.

Ultimately, many of the products we experienced brought us so much joy that we decided to gather them all together in a roundup of the best beauty products of 2020, broken out by four different categories: skin, makeup, body, and hair. Keep scrolling to find the year’s best launches that would easily make our desert-island list . . . if traveling anywhere other than from the kitchen to our living room was something we were doing right now.

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