Shoppers Say This Shampoo Stops Hair Loss in Its Tracks — and It’s 26% Off Right Now

Quarantine’s brought out the bleh of times and the worst of times for me. On the “meh, I guess this is a positive” side, getting to work in pajamas and pet my cats 24/7 is pretty okay. I’ll take it. On the other hand, not seeing another human during the week has taken my shower frequency from consistent to a bit spotty. There’s a door between me and delivery people, so they can’t judge. But the longer I go without detangling, the bigger price there is to pay in shed hair down the drain — a sight Amazon shoppers say one secret weapon prevents. 

Something has to work seriously well to earn the praise “best shampoo I’ve ever used,” and that’s exactly what Revivogen MD Bio-Cleansing Shampoo for Thinning Hair does. Reviewers say they love the dermatologist-formulated shampoo for taking on thinning hair, using ingredients that block DHT — a steroid hormone that causes hair follicles to shrink and stop growing — to give you a longer, thicker head of hair. 

There are a lot of snake oil-type products in the hair-growth market, but Amazon shoppers say that on top of leaving their hair as clean as a normal shampoo, Revivogen’s slows down thinning hair and leaves it feeling thicker and healthier. After just a few washes, reviewers comment that they see less hair falling out; after a month, others say they’ve seen hair start to reappear in once-receding areas. And the effects last, with some shoppers writing that they’ve used Revivogen to reduce hair loss for over 10 years. 

revivogen MD

Shop now: $19 (Originally $26);

Pregnancy can be a wild ride for hair growth and loss, and one shopper mentions that after experiencing major hair fall while trying to get pregnant, she tried the Revivogen shampoo to maintain the growth she saw once she became pregnant. “I was so scared that it would all fall back out postpartum,” she wrote, but after starting on it right after giving birth, she hasn’t noticed any of the usual postpartum hair loss. Those kinds of results breed loyalty. “I will never switch to anything else,” the commenter wrote. “This one is on my subscription list!”

Someone else goes farther, literally. “I live in Peru and I am always asking who is traveling to the USA so they can bring me one bottle,” they wrote. “It’s the only shampoo that helped me with my hair loss problem.” Hopefully they’ve got a friend travelling home for the holidays soon, because Revivogen’s shampoo is currently 26 percent off, knocking the typical $26 price down to $19. 

The only downside (if you can call it that) is that in under a month, shoppers say their hair starts growing so fast, they begin to need haircuts every two weeks. In my quarantine bubble, that’s not going to happen — but hey, you can always crop an Instagram frame. 

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