Sexy Winter Lingerie at Every Size: A Definitive Guide

As the changing leaves finally give way to cuddle weather, women everywhere hunker down with their partners to share some body heat. But staying warm isn’t their only motivation — if you know what we mean. There’s just something about snuggling up by the fireplace in the middle of a blizzard that makes everyone, well, horny.

But let’s not beat around the bush here: Plain old sex can get seriously repetitive after a while. And trying new positions is just one (particularly physically taxing) way to spice things up. An alternate approach (and one that requires no flexibility or contortion whatsoever)? Lingerie.

Winter lingerie can turn even the laziest of snow day mornings into a fun, sexy adventure. And it’s not just for hooking up. If you’re spending this season sans boo, you can still dress to the nines (bedroom style) whenever you so desire. Nothing pairs better with a face mask and a cup of steaming hot chocolate than your cutest slip or teddy. So you do you, ya know?

Don’t get us wrong — everyone is entitled to feel cute/sexy/sleepy/horny/glam no matter what they’re wearing. But sometimes, you’re in the mood to dress up, and winter lingerie is perfect for those moments. Ahead, we’re recapping some of our favorite lingerie on the market right now. All of it is absolutely gorge, as well as inclusive AF — because if there’s one thing you should’ve learned in 2018, it’s that sexy doesn’t discriminate.

Felinda ’50s-style suspender

OK, don’t @ us, but there’s something absurdly sexy about ’50s-style lingerie. Plus, it’s super-flattering since it hits the smallest part of your waist every single time.

Felinda ’50s-style suspender, $145 at Agent Provocateur

Lace-up faux-leather corset bustier

Can we all just agree there’s nothing in this world hotter than a gorgeous woman decked out in leather? Boy, bye.

Lace-up faux-leather corset bustier, $64.90 at Torrid

Love Lies thong panty

The V-shaped cut of this panty is extremely flattering because it makes your torso look elongated. Plus, the higher strap cuts at the teeny-tiniest part of your belly, giving you an amazing hourglass look.

Love Lies thong panty, $7.99 at Fashion Nova

Breathtaking satin-&-lace bustier

Baby, it might be cold outside — but it’s hot AF in here.

Breathtaking satin-and-lace bustier, $44.95 at Adam & Eve

Lace choker bra & garter panty set

In general, strappy equals sexy. There’s no denying it.

Lace choker bra and garter panty set, $33 at Bare Necessities

Lace keyhole teddy

If you want some gorgeous natural-looking cleavage, this is the way to do it. Plus, red is a fan-favorite lingerie color.

Lace keyhole teddy, $33 at Bare Necessities

BlueBella All Wrapped Up Body Bow

We don’t even know how to wrap a gift. It’s hot, though.

BlueBella All Wrapped Up Body Bow, $28 at Nordstrom

Sweet to You boy short panties

Cheeky panties have this way of making your butt look shamazing in a way other panties just can’t rival.

Sweet to You boy short panties, $7.99 at Fashion Nova

Rosamosario Peter Pan Love romper

For when you’re feeling extra princess-y.

Rosamosario Peter Pan Love romper, $521.50 at Net-a-Porter

Kaye teddy

This deep plunge is sexy AF — but the one-piece structure of this teddy ensures you’re not falling out all over the place (by accident).

Kaye teddy, $24.95 at AdoreMe

Transparent lace panties & bra

This unexpected color combo is subtly edgy — and who doesn’t love a little transparent lingerie?

Transparent lace panties & bra, $140 at YemmyLingerie/Etsy

Lorna Ouvert in blue & yellow

These colors are super-pretty together, and the details on the panty are sure to get your S.O. going.

Lorna Ouvert in blue & yellow, $80 at Agent Provocateur

Chantelle Champs Elysées underwire bra

This balconette is a total classic, and the lace amps up the pretty.

Chantelle Champs Elysées underwire bra, $63 at Net-a-Porter


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