Review: I got my brows done by a Kardashian-approved makeup artist, here's how I got on

The eyebrow business is booming.

The general brow obsession has always evaded me – you could argue it’s because I was too young to overpluck in the late ’90s and noughties and had my years of experimentation in era with the most information possible, but really it’s down to my hairstyle.

Having a fringe for most of my life means my eyebrows have essentially always been hidden behind a curtain and it was only as I decided to go shorter over the years that I suddenly realised that eyebrows actually mattered.

When I did realise, I learned that mine are in terrible shape from a recent spate of overplucking without any general shape. You know who doesn’t have that problem? The Kardashians.

A few months ago, an email came across my desk announcing a new brow talent to Ireland – Suzanne Hourigan, who trained with the Kardashians’ go-to brow girl Kelley Baker. And what kind of journalist would I be without using myself as a guinea pig?

The Kardashian-Jenner brow is one of the most recent brow trends that millions of people across the world love to replicate. If someone showed me a picture of just Kylie Jenner’s brows on a blank face, I’d probably guess they were hers.

Baker, an American celebrity brow artist, is the woman behind the well-defined arches belonging to Kim K, Kylie, Lucy Hale and Lea Michele. A former Benefit brow artist with over 10 years in the beauty biz, Dublin-born Suzanne travelled to California last summer for one-to-one training with Ms Baker herself.

Suzy, known as ‘The Brow Boss’ at Suede Lash & Brow Studio on Drury St, entered the world of brows while living in Australia, when specially trained brow artists were becoming more popular- and she became obsessed.

“I enjoy so much when I hand someone the mirror and they say they love them. There’s been people crying, people who love that it’s transformed their whole face shape,” Suzy told Style.

“I get so excited about it and I’m like, ‘I know I’m a crazy brow lady but please just trust me’. So much can change about people and their confidence just from two pieces of hair on their face.”

Suzy says she has also noticed the ‘brow boom’ during her six years as a brow artist and has noticed different trends come and go.

“Irish women have definitely become obsessed with brows. They’re actually putting time into their brows and trusting the same person over and over again.

“People are starting to go to the same place like they have done with their hair- they have their hair stylist, their nail artist and now their brow artist.”

Suzy’s style is similar to Kelley’s- enhancing the natural brow shape by using a light tint and waxing the edges, but unlike Kelley who uses strip wax, she uses Irish brand Waxperts.

When I first saw my newly transformed brows I was slightly taken aback with the difference, which Suzy noticed. The shape was completely changed and they now look a lot fuller, which reminds me of how my brows used to look before I discovered tweezers.

It’s been a few weeks since I had them done and they still look perfectly in place. Suzy recommended I use a light coloured powder to fill them in instead of my usual wax-based pomade which surprised me but it works, and will hopefully allow the hair to grow instead of blocking the follicles.

Although I hate to admit that I may be adding another expense onto my monthly to-do list, I think I might just be a brow convert. They’ve definitely ‘grown’ on me (and hopefully my eyebrows hair will too)- and I absolutely love it.

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