Ouidad Just Launched a Curl-Focused Brand Called Twist, and Each Product Is $10

Ouidad Just Launched a Curl-Focused Brand Called Twist, and Each Product Is $10

It’s often said that hair-care — specifically natural hair-care — is an expensive game, and when you consider just how many products are on the market right now, it’s not easy to argue with that. Of course, as illustrated by our love of drugstore beauty, quality products don’t always have to be hard on your wallet, and Ouidad’s all-new curl-care brand, Twist, is proof of that.

Twist is a newly-launched, moisture-focused hair-care brand with products that specifically focus on moisturizing curls, coils, and waves. As a way to highlight the fact that not all curls have the same needs, each product is categorized by much moisture it provides, from essential moisture (depicted as one water droplet on the bottle) to extra moisture (three droplets) to ultimate moisture (five droplets). Though the products themselves aren’t personalized, customers can determine which ones might work best for their hair types by heading to the brand’s official website and taking a short quiz featuring questions about their primary hair concerns and what kind of climate they live in.

At the moment, there are 18 products on Twist’s roster, and each one retails for just $10. After taking the quiz myself, I was able to test out few of the products and was pleasantly surprised with the effect they had on my curls. The Primed & Co 2-in-1 Conditioner and Primer ($10), specifically, can be used as a double-duty product to moisturize and prime the hair. As someone who frequently struggles with dryness, I left it on my hair for ten minutes after shampooing and was able to notice how much softer my hair felt almost immediately after. I followed up by using the Gimme-it 4-in-1 Hydrating Conditioner ($10) as a leave-in product, and was shocked at how bouncy and hydrated my hair felt when I removed my twists.

Twist is currently available to online at Target and at twisthair.com. Take a look at the products ahead.

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