Manny MUA’s Latest Beauty Launch Is SO ‘Sailor Moon’ Inspired

On the beauty market, there are more than enough YouTube and brand collaborations to go around, but many beauty gurus are branching out and creating their own cosmetics. One of these brands is MannyMUA’s Lunar Beauty, and the brand’s new Moon Prism Powders are the Sailor Moon inspired highlighters of your dreams.

MannyMUA, who’s IRL name is Manny Gutierrez, is the owner and creator of Lunar Beauty. You may recognize the name from the brand’s original product, the Life’s A Drag eyeshadow palette, or from its most recent goddess-inspired collection. Now, Gutierrez is building out his brand with staple products that will live outside of a themed collection. First up are his Moon Prism Powders.

In his announcement video for the new product, Gutierrez explains that the new highlighters are inspired by his love of Sailor Moon, a fact that long-time fans of the guru will be familiar with. He explains that the character was a "big inspiration" for him as he grew up, and that’s where the idea for the new pressed powder highlighters came from.

Lunar Beauty’s new Moon Prism Powders will come in four different shades: Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Mars. See what he did there? As for when you can snag them, the powders will launch on April 17.

Three of the four new highlighters from the brand will actually be relatively familiar to fans of Lunar Beauty. According to Gutierrez, the highlight formula used in his Greek Goddess Highlight Palette was popular with fans, and he wanted to keep it for that reason. Venus, Mercury, and Mars from the new Moon Prism Powders retain the same formula while Jupiter will feature more of a glitter based glow and act as a sort of topper.

As for the prices, the YouTube guru explained that he wanted to keep them "fair," so if you want to shop one of the four new Lunar Beauty highlights, expect to pay $26 per pan. The price tag keeps the new products just under the prices of major brands known for their highlights like Fenty Beauty and BECCA but not quite as affordable as a drugstore find like Wet N Wild.

The new Moon Prism Powders mark the third major launch from Lunar Beauty which has seen quite a bit of internet hype since its debut back in May 2018. Gutierrez’s first Lunar Beauty launch was the Life’s A Drag eyeshadow palette, and he recruited some big names for the Lunar Beauty launch, RuPaul’s Drag Race alums Shea Couleé and Farrah Moan.

For the brand’s next major launch, Gutierrez went all out with the Greek Goddess collection. Inside the collection, fans of Lunar beauty got an eyeshadow palette, a highlighter palette, and three lips. Now, the brand is taking that highlighter formula and turning it new, individual shades.

If you want to be one of the first to shop MannyMUA’s Lunar Beauty Moon Prism Powders, mark your calendar for April 17. Get ready to glow like your favorite Sailor Scout.

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