Man forced to go on video call in ultra-dark fake tan after prank by girlfriend

New dad Jak Rennison, 22, was left mortified this week, after his girlfriend tricked him into putting on ultra dark fake tan, which he then had to wear during a work video meeting.

Jak believed 22-year-old Megan Gleadall was treating him to an impromptu afternoon pamper session and had painted on a soothing face mask topped off with two cooling cucumber eye slices.

However, this face mask was actually St. Moriz Darker than Dark tanning mousse, which developed into a dark, patchy mahogany shade that he couldn’t easily remove.

Megan intitally scrubbed Jak’s face with a wet wipe after admitting the joke, as well as using soap and water after it become ‘way too dark’.

However, despite scrubbing at his skin for 20 minutes before bed, Jak woke up a deep brown shade with two white circles around each eye – as nothing would shift it.

The transformation on May 4 was so startling that the couple’s 15-week-old daughter Thalia burst into tears as she didn’t recognise him, until she eventually got used to it – as it didn’t fade for a week.

‘When it wasn’t coming off he said to me “I’ve got to be on the phone to work and look at the state of my face”,’ said Megan.

‘His colleagues found it very funny, he was that colour a good six or seven days.

‘Thalia just glared and cried at him because she didn’t recognise who he was at first, but after 24 hours she got used to it.”

Jak was not only forced to face his work colleagues but other shoppers during the weekly shop at the supermarket.

Megan said: ‘When we went to do a big supermarket shop people were looking at him and his white neck and lovely tanned face but no-one said anything.

‘I didn’t walk next to him, I took a separate trolley into the store.’

Jak said: ‘I thought it was an absolutely fantastic prank. I couldn’t even get mad because I was so impressed with what she’d done.

‘I just fully accepted I was going to be on a conference call and all the team would see my face that colour while I was doing a presentation.

‘Nine people were on the call including not only my line manager but also my national manager who fortunately has a good sense of humour…

‘I looked like Ross off Friends when he gets a spray tan.’

Jak conceded his partner had executed an epic prank, but warned there will be revenge.

He said: ‘There’s definitely going to be some retribution. I’ve certainly got plans but I can’t really share them because she’ll know – but there’s definitely going to be a sequel to this.’

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