Jennifer Lopez’s hairstylist reveals how he protects her hair against humidity

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Even Jennifer Lopez struggles with humidity but her hairstylist Chris Appleton share his tips for keeping hair sleek and volumised.

With this sporadic weather comes one major hair concern: humidity.

On a humid day, the air is filled with water, which can cause hair to swell. As a result, it can make it difficult to maintain a sleek hairstyle. In fact, just a short walk to my local convenience store on a sticky humid day leaves my hair unable to keep its structure, brittle in texture and, most annoyingly, completely flat.

So, when I see celebrities on TV in high LA temperatures performing at award shows or out and about on Instagram stories, hair smooth and volume aplenty in the roots, I’m baffled. There must be a trick, right?

Thankfully, celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton shared his favourite technique for tackling hair in the humidity during a Color Wow event.

When asked about how he maintains volume in tricky weather conditions, Appleton pulled out one tool from his kit: velcro rollers. In fact, it’s one of the tools he relied on while styling Jennifer Lopez’s hair for her halftime show at the 2020 Super Bowl.

Speaking on Zoom, Appleton says: “The Super Bowl was the worst nightmare because it was completely humid. In Miami, the water in the air always effects the hair instantly, especially for a big, volumised hairdo.

“I was really nervous about that performance. I prepped J-Lo’s hair at two o’clock in the afternoon and she didn’t on I think until seven [in the evening].”

So, how exactly did Appleton maintain this big, swishy hair in those conditions?

“I prepped it with a few different products,” he explains. The star of the product line-up was Color Wow’s cult Dream Coat, £25. This acted as a protective waterproof layer, sealing the hair against humidity and locking the hairstyle in place while she danced.

“Build it with a lot of product to build a foundation to the hair, which has substance and scaffolding but is still beautiful,” he explains. “Because to me, big hair should always move.”

After applying your products, he advises using a big round brush and blowdrying the front sections. “Let’s face it, the front section is always the selling point,” he says. “It’s the face-framing section and the bit you can get away with if the rest of the hair isn’t done.”

This is where the velcro rollers come in. Once the front of your hair is dried with the round brush, stick in your velcro roller. “This velcro roller really helps to memorise the hair while it cools down,” he explains. “They’re a great way for holding what you’ve got and [while they work], you can finish getting ready.” When they’re taken out, your hair will be set with a generous lift in the roots.

Of course, there’s a wide range of velcro rollers available to suit different hair lengths, we recommend Sibel. Those with shorter hair should opt for a smaller roller, while longer lengths work well with large rollers.

Don’t mind us, just on our way to stock up on rollers for big, bouncy J-Lo-esque hair.

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