I've Been Obsessed With This $13 Mascara For Months, and It's Finally Coming to America

I’ve Been Obsessed With This $13 Mascara For Months, and It’s Finally Coming to America

I get a lot of questions about my lashes and the mascara I use; it tends to come with the territory when you cover beauty products. People actually start by asking if I have lash extensions, and when I explain it’s just the mascara, they light up. The good news? My current favorite is from a mass brand. Then I have to gently let them down: unfortunately, the product isn’t available in America.

Until now.

Meet your new mascara obsession: L’Oréal Paris Unlimited Lash Lengthening and Lifting Mascara ($13). (I wish the name meant “unlimited” in terms of expiration, because I’m nearing the end of my bottle.) I was in Paris for Fashion Week with the brand, and Unlimited was part of my welcome bag, which included this Paris-only offering. Thankfully, the brand is launching the product in America come January.

As a devoted Voluminous and Lash Paradise fan, I had high hopes for Unlimited when I first gave it a go. It delivered. Initially, I was intrigued by the bottle. It’s not a typical tube; it’s not square or circular. “It looks like a buoy . . . you know, in the ocean. Or an inflatable punching bag,” my boyfriend said when I asked him to describe the shape. He’s not wrong. (Don’t tell him I said that, thanks.) If it were glass, it might look like a gorgeous bottle for a fragrance. The real point of difference, though, is the wand, which actually changes angles for more precision when you apply. You can use it straight or click it into a 45-degree angle, which is meant to help you get to the root of your lashes better.

For me, I barely change the position of the wand because I find I can get to the root easily without doing so, but this extra addition can make your mascara application a lot better. I tend not to love rubber or silicone applicators because I feel they don’t make the lashes look light and fluffy. Unlimited, however, separates them, lengthens, and volumizes without weighing them down. It’s a creamy formula that coats the lashes without lumping them together and with no flakes. Because what’s worse than a flake, in both mascara and your social life?

Keep reading to see the Parisian photo shoot of the bottle, plus how it looks with both one coat and two coats on the lashes.

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