How Alexander Skarsg\u00e5rd Got Ripped Abs for The Legend of Tarzan<\/em>

From True Blood to Big Little Lies, Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård is no stranger to getting shirtless and showing off his lean physique on-screen—among other things—but he took it to extremes in the 2016 movie The Legend of Tarzan, which saw him get in arguably the best shape of his career. Which isn’t hard to understand, when you remember that he spends a lot of time in that film performing stunts in little more than a loincloth.

Celebrity trainer Magnus Lygdback already gave Men’s Health the lowdown onthe surprisingly delicious-sounding diet that helped Skarsgård achieve that ripped six-pack. Now, in a recent video on his YouTube channel, Lygdback shares three of the workouts he and Skarsgård used to shred his abs prior to filming.

The first workout targets the transverse muscle, and consists of a plank, a hollow body hold, and scissor kicks. For the plank and hold, Lygdback advises starting by trying to maintain the position for 30 seconds, then work your way up to a minute. For the scissor kicks, start with 20 reps, and work your way up to 40 as you build strength. Each exercise should be performed for 3 sets.

The second workout is all about the internal and external obliques, and includes an alternating rotational jackknife, cross body mountain climbers, and rotating dragon flys. Perform each exercise for 10 to 20 reps, and a total of 3 sets.

The third workout, which trains the abdominal muscles, comprises reverse crunches (10 to 15 reps), situps on an exercise ball (10 to 20 reps), and clamshell crunches (10 to 15 reps). Again, perform this workout for 3 rounds.

“There’s a huge benefit to targeting different parts of the core every single day,” says Lygdback. “The beautiful thing about this program is that you can keep it rolling on the side of your regular programming.”

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