Here's Some Airport Outfit Inspo So You Can Look Both Comfy and Cute

Traveling has picked back up again now and Team Cosmo is more than ready to spread our wings (and fashionably, obvi) as we conquer the world. If you have a trip on the horizon, we’ve rounded up a bunch of cute airport outfits that’ll have you feeling comfortable and stylish for any short or lengthy travels ahead. And you don’t necessarily have to get on a plane to wear ’em—ever heard of a train, bus, or car, perhaps? These looks work for any and all modes of transportation.

Even if you don’t have something planned, you can still daydream that you *are* headed somewhere bougie by looking at all these chic travel ‘fits. Whether you’re in need of some fashion inspiration (or a lil distraction from, you know, life in general), check out a few of the cutest airport outfit ideas, below.

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