Dane Cook Credits Swimming Workouts for Getting Fit in New Transformation Photo

Dane Cook has enjoyed an impressively chameleon-like run as an actor and comedian in his nearly 30 years of doing comedy. In a recent Instagram post, Cook looked back at just a handful of the myriad roles he’s played over that timespan, which have included everything from a break-up artist in Good Luck Chuck to an irreverent restaurant chef in Waiting.

As Cook put it, all of those roles had one thing in common—his face. “But my body is a different story,” he wrote. “I’ve had a heck of a time over the years transforming it to match some kind of theme I was cultivating.” Before releasing his 2005 comedy album Retaliation, for instance, Cook says he wanted to have a “warrior-type” figure, but for Mr. Brooks, he wanted to portray a guy with bad skin who was “transforming into an animal.”

More recently, Cook gained weight for the lead role in the thriller American Exit, released in May 2019. Initially, Cook had planned to keep the weight on for a subsequent role, which wound up being cancelled as the world went into lockdown following the outbreak of Covid-19.

Since then, Cook has been working hard to get back in shape, specifically crediting “tethered swimming” for helping him drop the extra pounds, claiming he’s burned “1000 calories a day, every day since, and it’s been the greatest workout I’ve ever done. Nothing compares. Nothing.”


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Alongside a photo showing off his slimmed-down physique, Cook said the benefits extend well beyond the cardio burn, comparing the workout to a form of meditation. “The air to the brain, the sun on my skin (use heavy SPF though)—it’s changed my thinking, my abilities physically, and my body. Pants sizes decreased and across the board feeling incredible,” he wrote.

That said, Cook still remains committed to transforming his body yet again if and when the right role comes along. “If I get cast to play ‘portly bank robber’ or ‘heavyset alien general,’ I will food up & expand the waistline,” he wrote, “But I will always get back into the cool pool for the best burn ever.”

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