Ciaté London's New Nail Stickers Are For People Who Love Nail Art, but Have No Patience

Ciaté London’s New Nail Stickers Are For People Who Love Nail Art, but Have No Patience

With all this extra leisure time, I’ve found myself trying out more at-home manicures than I can keep track of — and I’m not the only one. The nail category has seen a huge increase in sales since lockdown began in March, proving that while we might not be visiting our nail tech for a while, nothing is stopping us from treating ourselves to a manicure at home. But after weeks of DIY polish jobs, I was starting to get bored. I missed the intricate, pretty nail art that I used to get in the salon. That is, until I found my new secret weapon: the Ciaté Cheat Sheet Nail Stickers ($18). They’re the perfect way to create snazzy (and professional-looking) nail art without messing around with special tools and complicated techniques.

I heard about the Ciaté Cheat Sheets months before they launched and was a little skeptical about the product living up to its promises: “easy-to-use nail sticker sheet designs that can be applied to either dry, painted nails or bare nails,” it claimed. Even better, the stickers don’t require a top coat if you don’t have one (although they last longer and look better with one). The application process couldn’t be simpler, and I can confirm that it lives up to its promises. In short: the stickers let you pretend you have the skills and patience of a nail artist, when the reality is, well, far from it.

Read on to see my thoughts, photos, and tips on creating the perfect at-home manicure using the Ciaté Cheat Sheet Nail Stickers.

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