Anastasia Beverly Hills’ False Lashes Add Tons Of Oomph For Just $12

They’ve given us the best in eyeshadows, lipsticks, and glow, so it’s about damn time Anastasia Beverly Hills blessed us with something for our lashes! No, it’s not a mascara — think bigger, more dramatic. You know ABH loves to make a statement, and that’s why Anastasia Beverly Hills’ False Lashes are finally here. Can you believe it? The brand just debuted their very first falsies, and there are eight stunning styles to choose from. Spoiler alert: You’ll want them all. Double spoiler alert: I’m buying them all.

With new palettes dropping pretty much every other week, I have zero idea how the Anastasia Beverly Hills team had time to create such beautiful lashes, but I am wholeheartedly thrilled that they did. As a frequent falsies wearer myself, lately I’ve been a little ~uninspired~ by my trusty go-tos, so the idea of trying out something fresh seems exciting. Because I’m a daily wearer, I like to have lightweight, feathery options for day and amped-up, dramatic styles for night, and fortunately, ABH’s debut range has both. Priced at $12 apiece — A bomb deal considering you can wear them up to 20 times when handled with care! — they’re available now on both the ABH and Sephora sites, and will hit Sephora shelves in-store on October 31.

The lashes themselves are vegan and synthetic, so everyone can enjoy them guilt-free:

The coolest part? ABH has Before and After photos of each style, so selecting your perfect pair is a total breeze. Norvina, president of ABH and iconic beauty influencer in her own right, says her personal faves are Gorgina and Domina, so I already know I’ll be giving those a try. Norvina knows best, y’all!

First up: Peep Eleganza ($12,, a curly, wispy lash with a barely-there band:

Next up is Gorgina ($12,, a spikier style with lashes of alternating lengths to create a dense look:

Next, the So Hollywood ($12, is the perfect finishing touch to any full-glam look, with just enough volume to pull it together without blocking your blending skills:

Moving right along, the Domina ($12, is a super long and thick fanned-out lash for that just-skims-the-eyebrows look:

If you like a flirty lash, Dreamy ($12, is a fluffy, voluminous style that gives a subtly sexy cat-eye shape:

Next, Fashion ($12, is a more natural, full lash, great for what I’d refer to as an everyday slay:

Last but not least, there are two styles exclusive to the ABH website. Sorry, Sephora shoppers! Lengthy ($12, is an ultra-dramatic, voluminous lash to make a statement in:

And finally, Snasy ($12, is a subtle, fluttery lash for just a little bit of oomph:

See why I want to buy them all?! They’re shockingly wearable, and suddenly everything in my current lash collection seems boring AF in comparison. To shop all eight styles, head over to the ABH website now.

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