10 Best First Class Flights You Can Take

Traveling is fantastic, but the journey can be exhausting. It is difficult to endure long hours on a plane, but for those who can afford a first-class ticket, the experience is different. Individual suites, meals prepared by international chefs, and personal assistants are common services on that exclusive world. The airlines go the extra mile to make those passengers feel like home.

The companies don’t offer exclusive services just during the flight, though. When first-class passengers arrive at the airport, they have the right to faster check-in, exclusive lounge services, or even a limousine waiting to bring them to the plane.

Here is the list of first-class flights that will help you forget about jet lag.

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10 Air France

This is the simplest option on this list, but it doesn’t mean that Air France’s first-class is humble. The company offers private space with an individual cloakroom, a lamp, and a small closet where passengers can put their belongings. Air France prepares its staff to pamper those passages, guarantees a unique experience, and attends to every beck and call of their passengers.

It is possible to adapt the seat and use it as a spacious bed. Actually, the area will resemble a small hotel room. It also has a 24-inch television, where people can access their entertainment options.

9 Thai Airways

Thai Airways knows how to spoil their clients. Before the flight, the first-class passengers can wait in the exclusive lounge and have a traditional Thai or oil massage. Once they are on board, there are several services available. The semi-private suites have a designer inspired on the traditional Thai culture, the seats also become beds, and the passengers can enjoy their entertainment options during the flight.

The menu has options like caviar and lobster, but passengers can personalize their meals to satisfy their needs. They also have traditional Thai dishes prepared with fresh ingredients.

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8 Lufthansa

How could we forget about Lufthansa, perhaps the greatest German airline in existence? The luxury starts when the passenger arrives at the airport. There is an exclusive valet service and a private limousine to bring them to the plane, so they don’t need to share the bus with other passengers. Onboard, they will have a personal assistant that is available whenever they need. It is also possible to spend time on the lounge.

Lufthansa is also proud of their gastronomy, and the famous sommelier Markus Del Monego is responsible for their wine list.

7 ANA All Nippon Airways

If you ever have to choose a Japanese airline to travel first class, give ANA All Nippon Airways a try. They aim to offer their passengers comfort and privacy. The cabins are usually fully-enclosed,  and there is also a small closet where you can put your belongings.

They offer sheets made of organic cotton and a mattress that promises to release body pressure. The entrainment options include traditional blockbusters and Japanese anime. The company has also hired a team of master chefs to prepare an exclusive menu.

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6 Cathay Pacific Airways

This airline’s first-class section only has six seats. During the journey, travelers can enjoy a massage, or just recline the chair and use it as a bed. The flight attendants will handle passengers a pillow, 500-thread-count cotton duvets, and anything else they need. It is possible to request a wake-up call service or use a do not disturb sign. 

They have international dishes, but the highlight of the menu is the Asian dishes prepared by international chefs. The company also offers the best amenity kit on this list, with many Aesop items in a beautiful small case.

5 Qantas Airways

Before the flight, passengers can enjoy the lounge or even a spa treatment at the airport. Onboard they will have a lot of space and a luxurious individual designed suite. There is an in-chair massage available in case you need to relax a little.

According to their website of the Australian company, they offer “a 100 percent cotton woven throw, duvet, and memory foam mattress.” The passengers will also receive cotton pajamas and matching sleepers.

The renown chef Neil Perry signs the menu, and they have a selection of award-winning wines.

4 Qatar Airways

We know Qatar Airways for its high-profile services even for economy classes. That means that, if you fly on their first-class cabins, you will have access to their best features.

The seat has enough space to become an office during the flight. According to their website, there is also a personal USB plug for every passenger and free wifi in the cabin, which is useful if you need to use the travel to work. Seats are adaptable and can fold out into a comfortable bed. Qatar Airways also provides a high-end entertainment system.

Of course, the company would pay attention to the menu. They offer exclusive dishes and bring the best of international cuisine onboard.

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3 Singapore Airlines

According to its website, when flying first class with Singapore Airlines, the company offers “a hotel room above the clouds.” They are not lying; the suites were designed to make the travelers feel they are in a hotel room. The cabins allow people to have their private space and escape from the chaos of air travel.

Unlike other first-class options, it has a real bed and not a chair that can be used as one. They also offer a menu inspired by international cuisine, and guests can choose their meals in advance.

2 Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways prides itself to have revolutionized the first-class flights. According to their website, the first class has an exclusive suite for each passenger, and a seat can also become a bed. The suite also has a wardrobe. There is also a bag with amenities available.

For people who want to hang around during the flight, the first class has a lobby inspired by hotels and a menu prepared by international chefs. The exclusive services are not only in the air. After the arrival, the passengers have a Mercedes Benz available to take them to their destination.

1 Emirates

According to Trip Advisor, Emirates has the best first-class of 2019. For people who can afford it, they have options on their international flights on their A380 or Boeing 777.

For travelers on the A380, Emirates offers a special menu available during the flight, a shower spa, and a lounge bar with exclusive drinks. But it is the Boeing 777 that takes the luxury flighting experience to a new level. Passengers travel on a private suite, can regulate the light and temperature, and also have coaches inspired on the Mercedes Benz seats.

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