Europe’s snow chaos continues, with up to TEN FEET expected in Austria

Europe’s snow chaos continues, with up to TEN FEET expected in Austria, 1,000 miles of ski slopes closed, hundreds of people cut off in Germany and avalanche warnings issued

  • Austria has issued avalanche warnings with more snowfall expected today 
  • Parts have more snow already this month than in whole of an average January
  • The tourist season in the Alps has been hit with 450 ski lifts closed amid snowfall

Austria could face 10 feet of snow in the next few days as fierce winter weather continues to strike central Europe this week. 

Parts of Austria have already had more snow this month than they usually do in the whole of January, with more snow expected before the weekend. 

The highest avalanche warnings will be in place from Wednesday afternoon in the state of Salzburg, officials said. 

The tourist season in the Alps has also been hit with more than 1,000 miles of ski slope and 450 ski lifts closed because of the weather. 

A train is stuck in the snow after heavy snowfalls in Schaftlach, near Munich, on Wednesday

Two workers try to clear rail tracks this morning as the line near Munich is covered in snow

A woman uses a shovel on her car after heavy snowfalls in Schaftlach, near Munich

A snow plough clears the A4 highway today near Posterstein, eastern Germany

On the highest slopes in the Alps there could be as much as 300cm (10 feet) of snow, according to Bild. 

At least 14 people are reported to have died as a result of the snow, including a woman who was trapped under an avalanche and died as rescue workers tried to pull her out. 

Imposing the highest avalanche warning, Austrian officials said: ‘The snow cover is only weakly secured and largely unstable. 

‘Expect very large, sometimes extremely large avalanches, even on only moderately steep land.

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    Flake news! Norwegians use a rope to clear the snow off…

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‘There will only be a limited possibility of helicopter flights to deal with avalanche slopes and to supply places that have been cut off.’  

In the most extreme case, a town in the state of Salzburg which usually sees 22 inches of snow in an average January has already seen 51 inches so far.  

According to Zeit, more than 1,000 miles of ski pistes have been shut because of the snow.   

One ski resort employee said: ‘At the moment there’s an extreme amount of snow lying on trees.

A woman shovels snow outside her house amid warnings that more snow is on the way 

Workers try to clear a path after the train in Schaftlach was stuck in the snow on Wednesday

A worker removes snow from the pavement after heavy snowfall in Flachau, Austria, today 

‘That leads to the danger that trees will fall over and fall on the pistes and lift paths. We don’t know how long the facilites will remain closed.’   

Meteorologist Alexander Ohms said: ‘From Tuesday until Thursday you should expect a widespread snowfall of eight inches to 24 inches. 

‘There will also be strong winds, in the mountains sometimes stormy winds, coming from the north and north-west.’  

Further north in Germany the national weather service issued warnings for southern Bavaria near the Austrian border as well as parts of eastern Germany. 

The warning, which is in place until Friday, said: ‘There will be heavy snowfall which will reach quantities up to 50cm (20 inches). It will generally become icy’. 

Hundreds of residents in one German town near Berchtesgarden, in Bavaria, were snowed in and had to have food delivered by trucks. 

Many schools were closed and roads were blocked, causing a traffic jam for more than 12 miles on a motorway near Munich. 

Still further north there were flood warnings near the Baltic coast with the water level several feet higher than usual.   

Earlier this week some people in Scandinavia were left without electricity because of the weather.  

A plough is seen after heavy snowfalls in Warngau, near Munich, Germany

Workers with shovels try to clear a path for the regional train in Bavaria on Wednesday morning

The A4 motorway is covered by freshly fallen snow near Hohenstein-Ernstthal, eastern Germany

A worker tries to keep warm as he clears rail tracks after heavy snowfalls in Schaftlach, near Munich

A snow plough is seen on a road after heavy snowfalls in Warngau, near Munich

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