People Think Grover Just Dropped the F-Bomb on 'Sesame Street' — What Do You Hear?

The air is sweet on Sesame Street, but a new viral video has viewers convinced that the language used by its puppet residents might not be.

The clip, shared by journalist J. D. Durkin, shows Grover talking to a turquoise creature, who suggests that they “move the camera.” In response, Grover cries either “That sounds like an excellent idea!” or “That’s a f—in’ excellent idea!” It all depends on what you hear.

Sesame Streets reps did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

“The new Yanni v. Laurel?” the original poster captioned the video. “Some people swear they hear Grover saying, ‘that’s a f**king excellent idea.’ i’m one of those people and i can’t stop laughing.”

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Naturally, the Internet is fascinated.

In response, one user tried to explain the discrepancy, writing, “If you listen to it with your phone normally held in your hand at a distance, it 100% sounds like ‘f—g excellent idea.’ However, if you put the speaker to your ear, you can clearly hear ‘sounds like an excellent idea.’ Fun stuff.”

Another added, “I can hear both. Just depends on which I’m listening for.”

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“I always knew that Grover had a rough underbelly. I love him all the more,” commented a third.

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