Good Morning Britain viewers outraged as Richard Madeley ‘insults’ Sir David Attenborough

Good Morning Britain viewers were left fuming with Richard Madeley on Monday morning during a chat about climate change. 

With protests happening around the world against climate change, GMB invited guests to come on and talk about whether bringing major cities to a standstill is the right way to go about things. 

However, chat quickly turned to David Attenborough when the founder of Extinction Rebellion referenced David to back up her arguments about global warming. 

Richard quickly hit back: “Yes, but he’s just a broadcaster”.

Clare Farrell looked stunned, and replied: “…David Attenborough”

But Richard was having none of it, doubling down on his point: “Yes, but he’s not a aint you know”. 

ITV viewers rushed to social media to defend David, insisting that he’s much more than just a “broadcaster” as Richard seemed to believe so adamantly.

“Sir David Attenborough is ? Are you serious? Richard, don’t confuse broadcasters (you) with one on the most learned, informed, experienced and truly great men who have ever walked this earth (Sir David),” said one angry viewer. 

A second viewer tweeted: “Sir David Attenborough is JUST a broadcaster? I think not!”

A third said: “David Attenborough is  ‘just’ a broadcaster. Without him and his documentaries, we as a human race would not currently know the extent of the world’s destruction cause by our own race! He is a living legend and should be listened to at all costs!”

“I generally like Richard Madeley but how dare he refer to David Attenborough as ‘JUST a broadcaster,’ added a fourth enraged viewer. 

While a fifth ranted: “David Attenborough is ‘only’ a broadcaster? Wrong, he is a national treasure.”

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