EastEnders fans convinced Ben will expose Keanu’s and Sharto steamy affair at Christmas after he moves into dad Phil’s house – The Sun

EASTENDERS fans reckon Ben Mitchell will be the one to out Sharon Michell's affair with Keanu Taylor at Christmas as part of a explosive festive storyline.

The theory comes as viewers saw Phil ask Ben to move back in with him once he gets out of hospital, meaning he would be perfectly placed to uncover his stepmum's huge secret.

And soap boss Kate Oates has already confirmed that Sharon and Keanu's affair will be front and centre of the Christmas storylines.

Kate told Metro: "Much of [Christmas] will circulate around a very complicated and messy love affair — so expect some major Sheanu drama as it all explodes…but we’ve got some twists and surprises in that story which last right through to New Year."

Savvy viewers now believe Ben, who has a deep-seated rivalry with Keanu, will be the one to discover Sharon is pregnant with Keanu's child.

One fan tweeted: "Ben is so going to be the one to find out about Sharon/Keanu's affair/baby first, especially since he made it clear to Phil he still wants Keanu gone. It wouldn't be good soap if he doesn't. #EastEnders."

Another backed this theory up, posting: "I think plot wise its because Ben will be the next to find out the baby secret! Probably blackmail Keanu and Sharon for a bit."

A third agreed, saying: "I know the storyine about Sharon, who is old enough to be Keanu’s mama at least and her stepdaugher both being pregnant with Keanu’s spawn is ludicrous. But I like it. And given the animosity between Ben and Keanu, I’m gonna guess Ben finds out the truth first. #EastEnders"

Another predicted that it was going to be "Armageddon" when the truth is exposed, and that Ben will enjoy "stirring the pot".

News of the affair will no doubt cause shock waves through the Square as Phil believes he's the father of Sharon's child.

Sharon found out she was expecting back in May – but had no idea whether toyboy Keanu or her hard man husband Phil Mitchell was the dad.

After receiving a letter which revealed that Phil wasn't the father, Sharon considered having a termination.

However, when Phil caught her looking at abortion websites, she had to come clean and reveal she was pregnant.

To make matters worse, stepdaughter Louise, played by Tilly Keeper, is also pregnant with Keanu's child.

The actress – who has played Louise since 2016 in the BBC soap – has previously hinted the pregnant schoolgirl will embrace her Mitchell legacy as a villain to take revenge on Keanu and Sharon.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, Tilly said: "It would be so interesting for Louise to go full psycho.

"When I was introduced into the show Louise did have a villainous streak to her so it would be lovely to explore that again.

"And the golden rule is you never cross a Mitchell so we'll see."

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