40-stone mum’s bid to get out of bed and sit next to husband ends in agony

Denise Eccleston was a busy mother-of-three who worked hard in her job as a nurse.

But then a simple back injury ended her career and left her bedbound, morbidly obese and eventually cost her her life.

The 58-year-old is one of the people featured in new Channel 5 documentary 60 Stone and House-trapped: Big Body Squad.

Denise had always lead an active life, which makes her devastating descent from nurse to invalid all the more heartbreaking.

Seven years before she was filmed for the hard-hitting documentary an injury at work seriously hurt her back.

She was then diagnosed with chronic lymphoedema, which causes the body's tissues to swell and toxic retention.

This coupled with Denise's period of enforced bed rest lead to her comfort eating and as her spine crumbled, the pounds piled on.

Weighing 40-stone, Denise had been trapped in the home she shared with her husband, Eddie, for seven years.

And while her physical health was in tatters, Denise's mental health also took a pounding because of everything she was forced to endure.

She explained: "I got really depressed because I felt like everything was being taken away from me.

"I just felt like I wanted to be a wife and a mother."

Not only that but Lisa's extra weight is putting a huge amount of pressure on her chest and she has to constantly be on oxygen just to help her breathe.

Desperate for some "normal time" with her family, Denise is willing to try anything to help her get out of the bed that has become her prison.

She told the documentary: "Even if it's just for a few hours in the day time, I'd be able to chat to my husband and give him some support.

"It'd be back to have we used to be and that would be heaven."

Devoted Eddie is also determined to make his wife's dreams come true and comes up with a plan to enable her to not only leave the bedroom – but also the bedroom.

He has ordered a specially made chair to accommodate her frame so she can spend time with him in the living room.

Costing £8,000 it has taken three years to make and as well as supporting her weight also healps with blood circulation.

Denise's carers, who come in to help her wash as she is unable to get out of bed, are on hand to help the couple.

The two women, handpicked by Denise and Eddie, also help to keep her skin free of infections, which can be a common problem with morbidly obese people.

They bring a hoist into their Tamworth, West Midlands home, to help get Denise from the bed just a few steps away.

But Denise's agonising spinal problems mean the manouvre is too much for her and she's soon screaming in pain and begging them to stop.

But after 40 minutes of pain and hard work from everyone involved Denise is in the wheelchair which will carry her into the living room.

Then disaster strikes when the second hoist, close to the chair in the living room, won't work and Denise – now in huge amounts of pain – has to be carried back to her bedroom.

Her adoring husband comforts her as she's placed back on the bed, while her carers are also on hand to wipe away Denise's tears of pain and frustration.

Tragically Denise passed away in 2014.

She had only managed to sit in her specially made chair once.

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