Nasa says global warming is causing MORE snow to fall on Antarctica and is slowing rising sea levels by a third

Generally, climate change is thought to be the main factor behind rising sea levels because of melted ice.

But global warming is also causing heavy snowfall, which simultaneously slows the process, according to a new report.

Nasa and British Antarctic Survey scientists have said that 53 ice cores from across the continent showed the snowfall had stopped seas rising by 10mm, reported Sky News.

But the amount of ice gained from the snowfall is only a third of the continent’s overall ice loss.

BAS ice core scientist Dr Liz Thomas: "Sea-level rise is an urgent issue affecting society and there is still uncertainty about what contribution comes from Antarctica.

"Our new results show a significant change in the surface mass balance [from snowfall] during the 20th century.

"The largest contribution is from the Antarctic Peninsula, where the annual average snowfall during the first decade of the 21st century is ten per cent higher than at the same period in the 19th century.”

She also mentioned that the current rate of change in snowfall is unusual when comparing it to the past 200 years.

Dr Brooke Medley, from Nasa's Goddard Space Flight Centre, said: "Our findings don't mean that Antarctica is growing: it's still losing mass, even with the extra snowfall.

"What it means, however, is that without these gains, we would have experienced even more sea-level rise in the 20th century."

Researchers also added that their findings showed that increased snowfall was in direct link with warm temperatures.

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Women's rugby team who caught 50 Cent's eye strip off for final nude calendar – and promise it is their most revealing yet

Wearing just their club socks and boots, the ladies have posed naked on camera for their last ever nude calendar — which they say is their most revealing yet.

The cheeky snaps of Hitchin Ladies Rugby Club have attracted fans from across the world with calendars shipped as far afield as Australia.

Despite their international fan-base the teammates have decided to keep their clothes on for their next fundraising challenge.

Pictures released for this year's calendar are taken at the secluded grounds of a Hertfordshire club and capture the girls training in the nude.

Steamy snaps show the girls passing, tackling and running through sprinklers.

Another image shows the ladies in a nude human pyramid — and another captures a naked player erecting a post protector.

Organiser and inside centre Claire Crompton, 29, revealed that she and her teammates loved the exposure from the photos.

But they agreed that now was the time for them to move on.

She said it started as a bit of fun in 2015 and she never thought it would attract so much attention.

At one point rapper 50 Cent shared the pictures to his 35million Facebook fans.

Pro players from the Southern Hemisphere also re-posted them.

Claire said: "It is a bit sad that this is the last year but it is quite a bit of work and it has been really successful so we want to end on a high.

"Also we have exhausted the options for photos with everything being covered and I didn't want it to become boring and just have us holding rugby balls.

"I hadn't thought about it but this year's is more revealing because we have less inhibitions each year and we are used to being naked around each other.

"I guess we are more relaxed with each other now."

This year the ladies will be raising cash for the club and Target Ovarian Cancer.

Over the course of three years £20,000 has been raised by the girls — with more than 2,000 calendars sold world-wide.

Event worker Claire, from Stevenage, said: "I just want to thank anyone who has supported us, bought a calendar or helped us out.

"We are grateful for the money raised for charity and the club, and hope they enjoyed them too."

The third and final calendars are on sale for £12 and are available from the rugby club shop.

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Boyfriend crafts DIY advent calendar of Fray Bentos PIES

Happy Crust-mas! Boyfriend crafts DIY advent calendar for his girlfriend with each day revealing a Fray Bentos PIE (that he’ll eat… because she doesn’t even like them)

  • Nigel Canning, 37, spent two months making advent calendar for girlfriend Nikki
  • Has different tinned meat pie behind every door and steak puddings for the 25th 
  • 15,000 calorie box weighs two stone and is made with 25 pies bought from B&M
  • But Nigel admits Nikki ‘doesn’t like pies that much’ and plans to eat some himself
  • Have you received an unusual advent calendar from a loved one this year? If so please email [email protected] 

A boyfriend crafted a homemade Christmas advent calendar with a difference for his girlfriend – containing a Fray Bentos pie for every day.

Nigel Canning, 37, from Didcot, Oxfordshire, spent two months making the gift, which has a different tinned meat pie behind every door – and two steak puddings for Christmas Day.

He proudly presented partner Nikki Barton with the huge tinsel and fairy-light clad construction for her 38th birthday on Saturday as a surprise gift.

The 15,000 calorie treat – which weights more than two stone – is made with 25 pies bought from B&M for £1 each. 

Nigel admits that Nikki ‘doesn’t even like pies that much’ – but he loves them and is looking forward to tucking into one every day.

Childcare worker Nikki said: ‘I was gobsmacked. It was just hilarious when I first saw it. I didn’t take offence to it because I know he’s only doing it as a joke. That’s the sort of person he is.

Nigel Canning with his girlfriend Nikki Barton after he gave her a Fray Bentos advent calendar

Nikki herself is not a fan of the tinned pies and will give them to her partner to eat instead 

‘I never thought in a million years that he’d come up with something like that. He’s obviously put a lot of effort into it.’

The advent calendar has now taken its pride of place on the couple’s dining room table.

Nikki added: ‘I haven’t had any of the pies yet. I don’t mind one every now and again but 25 is a bit much.

‘It’s definitely unique and a bit different to a classic chocolate calendar..’

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Nigel, a production assistant, made the ‘pie in a tin’ advent calendar from 25 cardboard boxes he taped together.

Each has a little door with a number on, and is covered in festive wrapping paper, and filled with a 500 calorie tinned pie.

Nigel said he was inspired after his girlfriend of two years got him a pork scratching advent calendar last year.

‘After she got me that I didn’t want to just get her a chocolate one,’ he said. ‘For Christmas last year I got her a Fray Bentos pie as a stocking filler as a joke.

‘It was all wrapped up and she pulled it out and said ‘what the hell is this?’

Nigel Canning, 37, spent two months making the gift, which has a different tinned meat pie behind every door – and two steak puddings for Christmas Day

‘There’s no real reason for it at all. I remember eating them as a kid and they were just so convenient. It’s just a bit of a joke. I can’t imagine she’s going to sit down and eat a pie every morning.’

Nigel admitted he was slightly nervous before handing it over.

‘I thought she’d either love it or I’ll end up wearing it’, said Nigel. ‘She has no fondness of pies as such and I just hoped she didn’t take it the wrong way.

‘I find the whole thing hilarious. We have got that sort of relationship where we have fun. A couple of people have said to me that she might take offence to it but I’ve worked hard on it.

‘She will laugh it off, I’m sure of it.’

Nigel spent £30 building the advent calendar for his girlfriend and joked at how there was a ‘gap in the market’ to exploit with his creation. 

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