John Blizzard: 5 Facts On The Guy Teddi Mellencamp Keeps Talking About On ‘RHOBH’

John Blizzard may not be a housewife, but you’d probably think he was, considering how involved he is in this season’s PuppyGate drama on ‘RHOBH’.

Denise Richards isn’t the only new addition to this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Along with actress came two more newbies — Dorit‘s former dog Lucy Lucy Apple Juice and Vanderpump Dogs employee John Blizzard. And while there’s not a lot to be known about Dorit’s former dog except how the animal ended up in another shelter, there’s quite a bit you should know about John. Especially since he’s been talked about in every single episode this season since making a brief appearance in the Season 9 premiere just a few weeks ago. If you recall, he appeared in the episode when Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards and Teddi showed up to Vanderpump Dogs and his manager, executive director John Sessa, brought out Dorit’s former dog. John Blizzard was the one who allegedly told Teddi about the situation before everything happened in front of the cameras that day, but he didn’t say much while filming. So who exactly is John Blizzard? Here’s what we know.

1. John Blizzard’s job title at Vanderpump Dogs is “Event Planner”. During the past few episodes, Teddi explained that she had gotten to know John through doing charity events with Vanderpump Dogs.

2. It was during the girls’ trip in the Bahamas that Lisa Rinna found out about the dog situation and came to the conclusion that Lisa Vanderpump was using both Johns (including Blizzard) as her minions to manipulate Teddi and Kyle. If Lisa Vanderpump had Sessa and Blizzard tell the women about what happened, it would be a great way for LVP to say she didn’t want to talk about it while still stirring up some drama.

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3. And as you’ll learn in Episode 4 (airing March 5), John Blizzard hands his texts with Teddi over to Ken Todd, who then shows them to Lisa Vanderpump. We can’t tell you what they say just yet, but once you know, you’ll be shook!

4. John Blizzard’s Linkedin page says he graduated from Pepperdine University in 2017. And he’s worked at Vanderpump Dogs since 2016.

5. He also claims to be a nice person. Before Season 9 premiered, he posted a photo on Instagram in February and said, “Calm before the storm… #RHOBH #ImActuallyANicePerson #DontJudgeMe #TVShowsAreScary.”

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