How to get your skin looking good after a month of sun and partying

The ultimate complexion detox: Skincare expert reveals how to get your skin looking its best after a month of sun and partying – and the three things to avoid

  • Real-U founder Ebony Ilsley has given FEMAIL her top tips for treating your skin
  • After the festive season and during summer your skin can be left looking dull
  • One of her top tips was to increase your skincare routine to twice a day 

The festive season and constantly laying in the sun during the Australian summer can leave your skin looking flat.

And while it may have been fun at the time many will now worried about how to get their complexion back to how it was before a month of partying. 

Now real-u skincare label co-founder, and professional in the skincare industry, Ebony Ilsley has revealed to FEMAIL how to get your skin on track after the silly season.

Want to look your best? Real-U co-founder Ebony Ilsley (pictured) has revealed to FEMAIL how to get your skin on track after the silly season


Ms Ilsley said that you should always commit to your skincare routine twice daily in summer.

‘Summer can take a toll on your skin and as important as it is to protect your skin from the sun, sunscreens can irritate skin and can be one of the hidden triggers of breakouts,’ she told Daily Mail Australia.

‘So add an extra cleanse to your skin as soon as you come in from the sun to keep your skin happy and healthy.’

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She revealed her top three things to avoid include eating dairy, using harsh cleansers and lack of sleep.

‘Dairy is not only a hidden form of sugar but it is also packed with cow hormones which increase inflammation in the skin and can contribute to breakouts,’ Ms Ilsley said.

The co-founder of the Melbourne-based company said that using harsh cleansers can slow down your skin’s ability to heal.

She also said when you wake up tired, so does your skin and so a good night’s sleep can make you look younger. 

 How to get your complexion back on track: One of Ms Ilsley’s top tips is to your skincare routine twice daily in summer


‘The best way to keep you skin healthy from the inside, is to pack your diet full of the six skin-boosting foods… fatty fish, papaya, almonds, blueberries, leafy greens and seeds,’ Ms Ilsley said.

She also said that you get back into your exercise routine.   

‘Increasing your heart rate increases blood flow to your skin, which removes toxins, increases oxygen and delivers a fresh batch of nutrients to your skin cells,’ she revealed.

Overindulged? The food you eat during the festive season can leave your skin feeling dry and dull (stock image)


Ms Illsey said to avoid using hard products on your skin, as the two common ‘nasty’ ingredients in most acne products have a strip and burn approach.

‘These ingredients are basically bleach and acid and are known for the damaging effect they can have on skin,’ she said.

She said this can slow down you skin’s ability to heal, as well as increase potential sun damage.


Face masks can sometimes be used as part of your relaxation routine.

However, they do have benefits – particularly in summer time.

Ms Ilsley said that skin is often dehydrated during the summer, and so a hydrating mask can be well worth it.  

Never overlook face masks! While many use face masks as a last-minute solution, they can provide hydration and glow to your skin (stock image)


The sun is strongest between 11am and 3pm, and so this is the best time to stay in the shade.

‘This is when the UV rays are the strongest and can cause the most damage to your skin in a short period of time,’ Ms Ilsley said. ‘Keep your skin in the shade.’


Ms Ilsley said that you should go makeup-free when you can.

This avoids your pores from being clogged up due to excessive makeup use.

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