Give Your Best Friend This Love Advice, Because They Really Need To Hear It

Love makes our brains feel all fuzzy and mushy with feel-good vibes. While there’s almost nothing better than feeling totally obsessed with someone, it can also make it difficult to tell when things might be going wrong. That’s what we need our squad for. When your bestie gets all caught up in her own head, bring her back to reality with some love advice for your best friend. You can help each other remember that you are worthy of only the best.

My friends have a great habit of reminding me what I’m capable of achieving, whether it be in my career or my personal relationships. Sometimes when they notice I might be settling, they’ll offer a gentle nudge in the right direction… or more like a slap in the face, depending on how much I refuse to listen. I have my girls to thank for helping me get out of relationships that left me worn out, unfulfilled, and just plain hopeless. They’ll pull me aside, tell me they’ve got my best interests at heart, and encourage me to take a leap of faith. Often, it’s just the advice I needed to hear but was too scared to let myself believe.

I also have some gal pals who are in pretty stable and amazing relationships themselves, so it’s always good to have them as role models. I’ve collected some nuggets of wisdom from women who know a thing or two, and lucky for all of us, they’re happy to share.

Find Joy

— Stephanie, 25

Believe What You See

— Sarah, 24

[Editor’s note: This quote is from Oprah Winfrey paraphrasing Maya Angelou.]

Wait for the Real Thing

— Hannah, 25

Love Yourself

— Jordan, 24

Stay in the Moment

— Kelsey, 25

Love isn’t easy, but thankfully, you don’t have to do it without trusty friends at your side, always wishing for the best for you. Whether they’re in relationships themselves or not, your friends know how to give you outside perspective on a situation you might be too caught up in personally. When you’re not sure who to turn to, they’re the ones who have your back. And although romance comes and goes, friends often stay in your life forever, so they might just be the best relationships of all.

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