'Self-absorbed' wedding guest blasted for wearing WHITE maxi dress to friend's big day

IF there's one thing you don't do when attending someone else's wedding, it's rocking up in a white dress and upstaging the bride.

But now one woman has revealed she is planning on wearing a VERY bridal white maxi dress to her friend's upcoming nuptials because she can't see anything wrong with it.

Posting on the Facebook group That's It, I'm Wedding Shaming, the anonymous woman wrote: "I have a wedding to attend and fell in love with a really nice dress but it's white."

Unable to see the problem with wearing the same colour of the bride on her big day, the American woman added: "It was on sale for [£68] plus another 20% off."

The white midi dress in question boasts a floral white pattern and bridal empire line style.

But while the woman insists she's going to wear despite the fact that some people might think she's "being rude", other members of the group have labelled her "self-absorbed" for her fashion choice.


One sarcastically replied: "All the dresses in the world, all the options and she just HAS to have a white one…"

A second added: "There are plenty of other colour dresses on sale, I find it hard to believe she 'fell in love with it'… plus it looked bridal to me."

Meanwhile, another pointed out: "Save it for another party, it's not worth pulling focus from the bride."

Drawing on their own experience, one user wrote: "Just don't wear it. I wore a white dress with big red roses once and still felt a bit like I shouldn't wear it… it's a straight up no-no."

Revealing how this seemingly small decision affected her relationship with her mother, another user added: "Don't do it.

"My mother showed up to my wedding in full white and I've never forgiven her. That was 9 years ago."

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