Fitness trainer who works with models reveals the three simple moves you need to get a rounder, perkier bum in just SIX weeks

Personal trainer Jono Castano Acero, from Australia, has revealed how he transformed the derriere of fashion designer Indy Clinton, 21, to give her the booty of her dreams.

He trained the Instagram star over six months and revealed the striking transformation through incredible before and after shots.

Training involved doing three days a week of leg workouts, along with two cardio and upper body routines too.

Each leg day included doing a variation of squats, lunges and glute bridges.

At first, Jo did his six-week programme with Indy, Acero Training Series, and he said the results were noticeable after this time.

Jono said to Femail: “The key to building glutes is to focus on the mind muscle connection.

“If you're not feeling your glutes through a squat, glute bridge or any form of kick back then you have to break down the mechanics of each movement to understand the movement pattern.”

And for her diet, Indy revealed she focused on high fat and high protein foods to go with the exercises.

Indy has previously revealed that before working with Jono, she did a lot of cardio and no weight-training at all.

She had “no guidance” on what foods she should be eating, but this changed when she met the personal trainer.

Jono is a big fan of the Keto diet, but when she’s not cleaning, he advises Indy should “treat herself” as “life is too short”.


  • 10 Crab Walks with 30 sec Squat Holds
  • Barbell Squats 4×20
  • DB Stiff Leg Deadlift 4×20
  • Wide Stance Leg Press 4×20
  • Barbell Deficit Reverse Lunge 4×10 each side
  • Glute Bridge 4×20
  • Bandit Kick Backs 4×10 each side

A typical day will include having oats, blueberries, honey and protein in a bowl.

And forget crisps, for a mid-morning snack she will have fruit and almonds to keep her energised.

Lunch is often rice paper rolls or salad with protein, and she’ll allow herself some chocolate and coffee before dinner if she fancies it.

Dinner will be a protein and roast vegetables.

She said: “'I try to have protein with every meal. I aim for a high protein, high fat diet. I still eat carbs but aim to have them earlier in the day.”

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