Cardi B SLAMS Khloe Kardashian Haters — And Gets SO REAL About Being Cheated On!

Cardi B knows a thing or two about being cheated on while being in the public eye.

So when she weighs in on Khloe Kardashian‘s current situation, everyone should listen up.

Her take? Too many people seem to be “celebrating” the pain she’s going through amid the reports Tristan Thompson cheated with family friend Jordyn Woods and possibly others too.

In an Instagram Live video, Cardi said:

“Everybody is just like celebrating that that happened to her and it’s like why?

Whatever karma that y’all felt like they deserve, I think they already have it, so it’s like why do you guys keep wishing that on a woman? Especially a woman that has a daughter?”

(Is she still talking about Khloe?)

We haven’t really paid much attention to that ugly side of comments about this.

It seems to us a horrible situation, especially for a parent. It’s gross if people are mocking her pain.

Cardi, who infamously was cheated on by her baby daddy Offset before taking him back, shared a little about how this feels from the other side:

“We know how it is when a n***a f**k up. Y’all know that your heart shatters in pieces. Y’all know it feels like your heart is literally bleeding and you just want to die and you can’t even sleep. You actually can’t even escape it when you sleeping because you actually dream about it.”

Damn, Cardi. That’s some dark, poetic stuff. (We can’t wait for her breakup album!)

She also called out who she sees laughing…

“It’s like it’s mainly the women in the comments. It’s like why do you guys like manifest and be happy off of that?

I feel like, alright she already learned her lesson, something real f**ked up happened before she gave birth, so it’s like why do you guys keep, I don’t know, like, enjoying other people’s pain? Enjoying other people misery, knowing how much it hurts when a guy that you’re in love with, especially the father of your child, does something wrong. It’s just so sad.

I feel like everybody always want to talk about how they want to uplift women… but it be like the same women that be laughing in the comments when another woman is going through some s**t and it’s all the time… I feel like that s**t is whack.”

Preach, gurl!

See the Cardi’s diatribe in full (below):

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