A National Hero! Guardsman Carries Stranded Baby Through the Snow to Safety

The National Guardsman rescued a baby in a North Carolina snowstorm that left three dead and more than 140,000 without power.

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Chrissy Teigen Just Tweeted Some STRONG Opinions About Candy & ’90s Kids Are Divided

If you recently felt a tremble in the universe, that was just because Chrissy Teigen tweeted her candy preferences, and Twitter subsequently sounded every alarm known to humankind. Which Skittle is the best Skittle? Do different colored gummy bears actually taste different? What does model-author-chef-tv personality-Twitter queen-human embodiment of “life goals” Chrissy Teigen have to say about all of this? If it’s answers you seek, read on. But be warned! Once you learn what Chrissy has to say about her favorite candy flavors, you will never be able to mindlessly munch on a gummy bear again.

It all started when Chrissy Teigen made this decree on Twitter: “The best gummy bear is the clear gummy bear. This isn’t up for debate. You either agree or you’re wrong.” It was the tweet that launched 1.7 thousand comments. If you don’t speak fluent candy, clear gummy bears are usually the pineapple flavored ones. If you speak even a little bit of internet, you know people have some feelings about pineapple and where it does and does not belong.

Many of the responses to this initial Twitter/candy mini-manifesto were either Camp “NO NOT PINEAPPLE WHY PLEASE NO” or Camp “Thank you, Lord Chrissy. I have been vindicated. *dissipates into pineapple dust*”. However, Chrissy Teigen was not finished. Nay, she had more controversial candy thoughts to tweet into the universe.

“The best skittle is purple followed closely by red,” Chrissy tweeted next as if that wouldn’t completely destroy the universe. As if that wouldn’t lead to chaos and wars and people dumping out their Skittles. As if PURPLE IS ACTUALLY THE BEST? (I told myself I wouldn’t get caught up in the madness, but if I don’t defend the green Skittle, who will?)

If you thought she was done there, this must be your first Internet. Chrissy Teigen went on to tweet about everything from which Airhead flavor reigns supreme to which Jolly Rancher is the best to, of course, the best flavor of Starburst. (Don’t worry, she said: “pink, obviously.”) Basically, candy stans and the people who run candy brands’ social media accounts were very busy that day.

Here is the conclusive list of which candy flavors are the best among fruity candies, according to Chrissy Teigen’s Twitter spree.

  • Best Gummy Bear: the clear one (AKA pineapple)
  • Best Skittle: purple with red as a close second
  • Best Starburst: pink “obviously”
  • Best Mamba: raspberry “followed closely by strawberry”
  • Best Sour Patch Kid: red
  • Best Airhead: white mystery flavor. (Note: some sites claims the “mystery flavor” is actually just the mixed-together leftovers from other flavor batches, sans food coloring. Thus, the flavor changes from batch to batch. Others have approximated the flavor as “white cherry” or “white apple.”)
  • Best Jolly Rancher: watermelon
  • Honorary mention: FROOTIES, the fruit flavored Tootsie Rolls that look like leftover rations from the 1800s.

Still, Chrissy was not finished. She needed to deliver one final blow: “I’m trying to think of an instance when yellow or orange is good in the candy world.” She then agreed with one Twitter user that orange Tic Tacs are the exception to the yellow/orange rule.

So, if you’re looking for something benign to argue about at the holidays, why not make your family pick a side when it comes to candy flavors. Instead of saying grace, just scream "I THINK CANDY CORN IS GOOD ACTUALLY." Say that you’ll only give people their gifts if they agree that Golden Oreos are the worst Oreos. Take caroling as an opportunity to loudly proclaim which flavor of jelly bean is the best. (Say “popcorn.” I dare you.) If Chrissy can do it, so can you.

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Women-Led Movies Do Better Than Male-Led Ones, According To A New Study

It wasn’t that long ago movie execs, when asked, would say they don’t make women-led films. There’s no money in them. This would be said out loud, in public, like it was a perfectly reasonable and moreover acceptable stance to take. Even when The Hunger Games and Frozen made bank at the box office, these were seen as outliers. Men, the conventional wisdom went, would only go see movies starring men. This is why it is such a vindication this week to see a study released declaring women-led movies do better than male-led ones.

An analysis of box office proceeds and audience attendance of films over the last five years conducted by Creative Artists Agency and technology company Shift7 found movies with females leads outperformed male lead films, not just in mid-range romcoms, but in all budgetary levels of film, from the smallest indie flick to the biggest budget superhero films at the box office.

According to Variety:

The study grew out of the Time’s Up movement last year and included such names as former Sony Pictures Chairman Amy Pascal as well as actress Geena Davis, who founded her own Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media after her experiences in the business.

Davis has been exploring this for nearly 15 years. In a statement on the findings, she said the following:

And it’s not just having women lead the films, but also having them talk about things important to them, aka, not about the male lead.

The report acknowledges the Bechdel Test is an extraordinarily low bar to clear. But it speaks volumes such a low bar is the standard of measurement, considering how many films have trouble with even such a minor level of independent thinking on the part of their female characters.

One can only hope Hollywood sits up and takes notice of this report. Marvel has already started working towards more female-led superhero films, and Wonder Woman 1984 is expected to arrive in 2020. But it would be good if production houses could begin making other types of genre films with female leads, for a more extensive array of films aimed towards a female audience. After all, according to the data, that’s where the money is.

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There Are Ugly Holiday Sweaters for Every Pet — Even Guinea Pigs

Buy it! Merry & Bright “Oh Deer” Sweater Small Pet Costume, $5.97; PetSmart.com

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Buy it! 33 Degrees Llama Dog Sweater, $9.99; Target.com

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Jimmy Kimmel: Getting kids to pose for holiday photos is like putting a ‘wetsuit on a monkey’

Jimmy Kimmel's children ignored his pleas to sit still and smile as he tried to stage the perfect holiday picture. (Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube)

Every parent who’s ever pleaded, threatened or bribed a child to sit still and smile for a photo can relate to Jimmy Kimmel’s holiday story.

On “Jimmy Kimmel Live” this week, the host shared how he attempted to capture the perfect photo for this year’s Christmas card with his two children, Jane, 4, and Billy, 1 ½.  

His children were dressed up and posed with a finished gingerbread house in the background. All he needed was ONE decent shot.

It took “no less than 400 photographs,” Kimmel joked, and he still didn’t have the one he wanted.

“Trying to get them to sit still and smile and look vaguely in our direction at the same time is like trying to put a wet suit onto a monkey and a baby pig. It’s impossible.”

Yes, Kimmel jumped around to try to get his kids to smile. He made faces. He made noises. He even made threats.

“I said, ‘You’re going to pay for your own college if you don’t look here and smile.'” 

Kimmel said after two hours he gave up. He proposed, in jest we’re hoping, going back to the way our great-grandparents took photos:

Jimmy Kimmel said in jest we should return to the way our great-grandparents took photos for holiday cards. (Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube)

“It’s no smiling. Everyone staring straight ahead, hoping Santa brings them the polio vaccine.” 


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Kathie Lee Gifford reveals what Regis Philbin said about her ‘Today’ exit

Long before she became day-drinking buddies with Hoda Kotb, Kathie Lee Gifford enjoyed a long working relationship with Regis Philbin over at ABC.

During Wednesday’s show, Kotb asked her co-host whether she’d heard from him after announcing on Tuesday she would be leaving “Today” in April.

“I did!” Gifford confirmed during the show’s fourth hour. 

She revealed that Philbin told her, “Kath, I’m so happy for you …  There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about the 15 years we spent together and how much I loved you.”

Gifford, 65, added, “He said, ‘It was never the same after you left’ because it isn’t.’ “

She promised Kotb, “You and I may not be working together… anymore but we’ll be in each other’s lives for the rest of our lives.”

Gifford added that she hopes Philbin, now 87, drops by “Today” during her farewell week, noting, “He loved coming on with us,” and pointing out the obvious: “Everybody loves Regis.”

Who should replace Gifford? We have ideas and so does social media

On Tuesday, Gifford, 65, revealed her planned departure from the NBC morning show. Her last day on the show will be April 7, and her replacement has not yet been determined, NBC president Noah Oppenheim told the show’s staff in a memo obtained by USA TODAY. 

“I’ve been here almost 11 years; thought I would stay one year, something happened along the way. I fell in love…” she said, pointing to Kotb. “And now, when it’s our eleventh anniversary, I am going to be leaving the ‘Today’ show.” 

NBC President Noah Oppenheim told staff via email: “When we first launched this incredible hour, no one could have predicted the lightning (or rather, wine) in a bottle that is Hoda & Kathie Lee,” he wrote. “Whether in studio or on one of their many road trips, they have delighted our audience with their distinct brand of fun, friendship and adventure. During that time, Kathie Lee has cemented her status as one of the most enduring and endearing talents in morning television. In short – she is a legend.”

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The perils of being Billy No Mates when a book-signing goes belly-up

CRAIG BROWN on the perils of being Billy No Mates when a book-signing goes belly-up 

Recently, I went to Mumbai, to take part in the literary festival there. Like most authors, I am happy to travel any distance on the off-chance of a ripple of applause.

Another author, far more prominent than I, was disappointed by the scattering of people who had turned out to hear him interviewed. 

‘There are a billion people in India’, he said. ‘You’d have thought a million of them would have shown up by mistake.’

By contrast, I had a pretty good turn-out, and everyone laughed in the right places. Small wonder, then, that I was feeling rather cocky as they led me outside for a book-signing.

I sat behind a desk, pen at the ready, but no one came forward with a book for me to sign. I did my best not to look deflated. I am, after all, quite used to the pitfalls of the personal appearance.

A few years ago, I was booked to give an hour-long talk at Waterstones in Ipswich. I arrived in good time, and was led to an area with lots of chairs laid out in rows. 

Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) building in Mumbai, India

At the time my talk was due to begin, the audience numbered exactly one — an elderly lady, who had chosen to sit close to the back.

‘The traffic’s very busy tonight’, said the organiser, sympathetically. ‘We might just give it another few minutes.’ We gave it five, ten, 15 minutes, but no one else showed up.

Eventually, I went up to my elderly fan at the back and said I hoped she wouldn’t mind if I crept away. It turned out that she did mind — she wanted me to deliver my hour-long talk on a one-to-one basis — but I made my apologies and left.

Most authors have a story of signing books alongside someone more popular. In his marvellous diaries, the playwright Simon Gray recalls sitting next to the novelist David Lodge at a book-signing in Toronto.

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No one was queuing for Gray’s autograph, whereas Lodge had ‘a queue that seemed to stretch right out of the lobby on to the pavement, and beyond that possibly all the way to the airport, where planes containing David Lodge fans were even now stacking . . .’ The literary life promises adulation but, more often than not, delivers humiliation.

The late William Trevor, probably the greatest short story writer of his day, was once booked to give a public reading at a village hall in Devon.

Though it was an hour away, he treated himself to a taxi. An amiable, inquisitive man, he chatted to the taxi driver while they made their way there.

When he arrived, the village hall was empty, with no one there at all. The taxi driver said that he would be very happy to listen to one of Trevor’s stories, if he’d like to read one.

Appreciating this friendly gesture, Trevor sat in the village hall and read his taxi driver one of his beautiful short stories. Only when William Trevor returned to the taxi did he realise that, throughout the reading, the driver had kept his meter ticking.

Back to Mumbai. After a few minutes, I told the organisers that we might as well call it a day, as there was clearly no one who needed a book signed.

But at that very moment, a young man came up and handed me a thin, shiny book, which I took to be an autograph album, open on its first blank page.

‘Would you mind signing this?’ he said.

‘Not at all,’ I said, and merrily scrawled my name over it.

He said: ‘Thank you so much.’ Then he showed me the book’s cover. It turned out to be a children’s book called In The Spring by Craig Brown.

I took a closer look. ‘The duck had ducklings, the cat had kittens,’ read a passage.

I have a poor memory for my own writing, but this didn’t ring a bell. I told the young man that it must have been written by someone else, also called Craig Brown. I apologised for having messed up his book with a faulty autograph.

Oddly enough, it didn’t seem to bother him. It seems that, for the dedicated autograph-hunter, one Craig Brown is much the same as any other.

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Will Amanda Bynes Return To Acting? She’s Hinted At A Comeback

Let’s be super clear: Amanda Bynes is a comedic genius. Even with an up and down career, a highly publicized past-life of substance abuse, and a reputation for acting out on Twitter, there is no denying the truly remarkable achievements she’s made on both the big and small screen. Shows like All That and her very own The Amanda Bynes Show cemented her in the comedy space, and films like She’s The Man and Easy A are our generation’s classics. Frankly, I’ve missed her, and I’ve been one of the many fans quietly wondering — will Amanda Bynes return to acting? Based on a new interview she did with Paper magazine, it sounds like yes.

Bynes revealed to Paper she’s been sober for nearly four years now and can clearly look back and see the grip drugs had on her life. As she put it, "It was like an alien had literally invaded my body." Today, she’s studying fashion at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in downtown Los Angeles and is slowly catching the acting bug again. She explained she’s hoping to use her degree to one day start her own fashion line, but added, "I want to get back into acting first."

Hell yes, please.

Perhaps one of the best parts about the interview is listening to her describe what it was like working on She’s the Man and how she claims she played an integral part in launching co-star Channing Tatum’s career. Bynes said,

Um, I love that.

Despite having the opportunity to get up close and personal with Magic Mike, Bynes says her ultimate acting experience was on the set of Hairspray alongside other great actors like John Travolta, Zac Efron, and Michelle Pfeiffer. "That movie to this day was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had on a set," she said. Unfortunately, things took a turn for her when she was cast in the movie Hall Pass and eventually ended up leaving production. She explains it was "the mixture of being so high that I couldn’t remember my lines and not liking my appearance" that led her to dropping out of the film. She added, "It was definitely completely unprofessional of me to walk off and leave them stranded when they’d spent so much money on a set and crew and camera equipment and everything."

Today, Bynes is flipping her perspective on the acting world and is excited to jump back into it with an old but welcome attitude. She explained she wants to enter the business "kind of the same way I did as a kid, which is with excitement and hope for the best." She concluded,

Amanda, I seriously can’t wait to see you back on the big or small screen, whatever comes first!

Ready when you are, sister.

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If You Like Money, You’re Definitely Going To Like This Helpful Tool

If you’re like 99.9 percent of Americans, it’s likely you’re a fan of money. And why wouldn’t you be? Spending it, saving it, investing it, or hiding it in a decades-old piggy bank can all feel like super satisfying experiences. But now that we’re knee-deep into the holiday season, there are intense amounts of annual sales, door buster deals, and limited-time-only purchases tempting you to spend more than you planned, making managing your funds that much more important.

After all, you don’t want to wait in line for that new high-tech gadget only to realize you don’t have enough money in your account. And you certainly don’t want to sacrifice giving the best gifts this season. With such fast-paced, non-stop lifestyles, staying on top of your finances as a part of our long to-do lists can feel nearly impossible, but luckily thanks to a helpful tool from Capital One, keeping an eye on your money has become much easier.

Meet Eno, a proactive intelligent assistant that was the first of its kind from a U.S. bank. In a nutshell, Eno lets you chat with your bank in a natural language using slang, emojis, and even jokes. And while you’re probably familiar with the world of virtual assistants, Eno from Capital One stands apart from the crowd by giving you real-time access to account information. With its amazing ability to talk the way you talk, Eno learns to communicate more effectively with you the more you chat with it.

Unlike the traditional banking experience, Eno actually makes talking about money entertaining. You can confirm a payment by texting Eno a “thumbs up” emoji, or you can send Eno the bag of money emoji for a quick snapshot summary of your accounts. And if you’re thinking, "Yeah, there’s no way I’m memorizing an entire set of random commands," then don’t fret: You won’t have to ask Eno for the information you’re looking for in one specific way. Existing Eno customers have used more than 2,500 different ways to ask Eno for their account balance, and Eno correctly responded to each of them. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Aside from account snapshots, Eno can also send you information about your credit card, checking, and savings accounts, proactively alert you to suspicious activity, plus share your available credit and credit limit, payment history, bank routing numbers, and even set up bill-pay reminders so you can avoid those pesky late fees. And yes, all of these things are done from your smartphone. So basically, you earn the money and Eno helps you stay on top of it wherever you are — aka a millennial’s dream.

Though Eno is your money-managing sidekick, this intelligent assistant was also created to interact with you like a friend, so customers can build personal relationships that work best for their own financial needs. And in case you’re wondering, Eno is gender-neutral so you can refer to it as your BFF, partner, pal, or even "financial guide" if your preference is to keep your tone strictly business.

Now that you understand the pure-genius concept behind Eno and its money management capabilities, give it a try with your existing Capital One account. All you have to do is go to capitalone.com/Eno, enter your login credentials and your preferred phone number, accept the terms and conditions, and say hello to your new best friend, Eno.

This post is sponsored by Capital One.

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Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot Were Kendall Jenner’s Secret Admirers, So Sorry, Harry Styles Fans

Kendall Jenner fans have been running wild with theories the past couple of days trying to figure out who her secret admirer is. While many were totally convinced that the love letter Jenner posted to her Instagram Story on Monday, Dec. 10 was sent by Harry Styles, Jenner herself revealed the true sender. And there were two of them! So, who were Kendall Jenner’s secret admirers? Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, according to Jenner’s big Instagram reveal.

“Nice try my secret admirer’s actually @mertalas & @macpiggott,” Jenner wrote in her Tuesday, Dec. 12 Instagram Story. She also included a winking emoji with her caption, indicating that the whole thing was a big joke.

For those of you not in the know, Alas and Piggott are a photography duo who have been working together since 1994, according to Us Weekly. The pair have frequently photographed Jenner and the rest of her family, so they’re basically extended family themselves.

Up until Jenner revealed who the senders of the love note actually were, fans were theorizing who the secret admirer might be. In her original Instagram Story, Jenner shared a photo of the letter with the sender’s name blacked out. So, that made people go into Private Investigator mode to figure out who the letter was from. Almost immediately, some fans thought singer Harry Styles was the sender, while others were thinking it was Ben Simmons or even Anwar Hadid.

As for the letter itself, it read:

Here’s the photo Jenner posted on Instagram on Tuesday:

As for an explanation of why Alas and Piggott were writing Jenner this heartfelt letter, there isn’t one at the moment. My guess is that it’s all a big tease for some new project they’re working on, but who knows? All anyone really knows is that Jenner is well loved by these two photographers.

And for all those fans out there who were hoping and praying the love note was from Styles, some were pretty disappointed. Others simply laughed at the fact that people actually thought the letter was from Styles.

Here’s what some of them are saying on Twitter right now:

So, not everyone was convinced that letter was from Styles. And that makes perfect sense because Jenner does, in fact, have a current boyfriend. It would be a little strange for her to post a love letter from some other dude if it wasn’t her boyfriend or a publicity stunt, right? All in all, though, it looks like it was all for fun and it definitely made for a few interesting days on social media!

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